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To change a switch:

  1. Disable the circuit, (turn off the breaker to the circuit or remove the fuse if it's an older home)
  2. pull the old switch away from the switch box by backing out the two screws that hold the switch in place.
  3. Remove the wires from the old switch.
  4. Make certain that you get the same KIND of switch (I assume that if it's just two wires that you have a simple, on/off switch)
  5. Connect the two wires to the new switch, it doesn't matter which wire goes to which post, just so long as they don't touch each other.
  6. put the switch back in the switch box, make certain that when the switch is on, it's UP.
  7. Put the screws and the switch cover back.
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Q: How do you replace old light switch one black and one white wire?
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Have 3 lights Power to light 1 Need to connect light 2 then light 3 then down to single pole switch How do you wire?

You would wire the switch to the first light. Code says to break the black or power side of the circuit. Connect the white to the light. Take the black down to the switch on the black wire and back to the light on the white. This is a line of wire from the light to the switch. From the first light, take the white and the return white from the switch to the second with another run of wire. This will be regular black white with ground. White to white and at the first light the return line from the switch is white but hook to the black to the second light. Second light to third just continues the two wires. Black to black, white to white. I think this is clear enough to follow. If not, ask again.

How do you wire a light and switch with the 2 wire old romex?

with a standard 1 pole light switch (one switch operating the light) it is black wire to black wire and white to white (non grounded)

How do I wire one switch to control two lights with the power coming into light?

Using 14/2 or 12/2 wire, black, white and bare. Bring the hot/black wire in the light down to the switch on the black wire, through the switch and back to the light on the white wire. Connect the white wire in the power wire to the white wire in the light. Connect the white power wire from the switch to the black wire in the light. Run the black and white wires in the first light to the second light. You should wrap the white power wire from the switch with black electrical tape to cover the white so that the next person realizes it is a power wire.

How do you replace an old light fixture with two sets of black white and ground wires with a new fixture that only has one set of black white and ground wires?

Connect black to black and white to white from the switch. Your old fixture may have had wiring for multiple bulbs so they could be switched separately.

How do you connect a switch where the power is at the light?

Run a wire from the light to the switch. At the light connect the black power wire to the black wire to the switch. Not wrap some black electric tape at each end of the white wire going to the switch (This indicates that the wire is potentially hot and not a common wire). At the switch connect the black wire to one side of the switch and the taped wire to the other side of the switch. Connect the ground (bare) wire to the green screw on the switch. Now at the light connect the taped white wire to the black wire feeding the light and connect all grounds together with a wirenut.

Can you change an electrical outlet into a switch for a light?

Sure. For a light you need a fixture to hold the light and the light itself. The light needs to be connected to a voltage supply which you can get from the outlet. In the outlet box you will have a black, white and bare ground wire. Essentially you connect the white and bare wires directly to the light and switch the black wire (hot) through a switch.

How do you wire a basic off switch to a light?

Light switch connection is usually straight forward. Find your incoming hot wires, black and white. With the switch in the off (down) position and the power disconnected , connect the black wire to the top screw of the switch. Find the load wires and connect the black to the bottom screw of the switch. Connect the two remaining white wires together with a wire nut and push them to the back of the switch box. Install the switch into the wall box, replace switch plate cover. Turn the breaker (power) back on. Flip the switch to the up position and the light should come on.

Is there a diagram of wiring three lights to one switch with power at the light?

I assume that you have an un-switched Hot (Black) and neutral (White) power in a box where you want to put a light (1st light) and two other lights you want powered by a single switch. Run a Romex cable with Black, White and Bare lead (14 gauge for 15 A circuit or 12 gauge for a 20 A circuit) to the switch. At the powered light connect the black wires together with a wire nut. Don't connect any light wire. At the switch connect the black wire you ran to one side of the switch and the white wire to the other side of switch and wrap black tape around the white wire to identify it as hot. Connect the bare wire to the green screw on switch. At the 1st light connect the black wire from the switch to the black HOT power wire. Wrap black tape on the white wire from the switch and connect to the black wire on the light and a Black wite to 2nd light and connect all these together with a wire nut. At the 1st light connect the White wire from power source to the white wire on the light and the white wire going to the 2nd light. Wire together all the bare wires in light 1 box. At second light run a romex wire to 3rd light and connect all the black wires together (3 wires) and all white wires together (3 wires) and the three bare wires. At the 3rd light connect 2 black wires together and the two white wires together. Some older lights may have two black wires. If this is the case it doesn't matter which of the two light wires you designate as "White", just pick one.

Why would a light switch have two black wires for power and two whites caped off?

Black represents Hot and White common. For the light to operate it needs a white and black wires. The switch box has two cables with a white and black wire plus a ground. One wire is from the supply and the other to the light. Connecting the whites just provides common directly to the light. The blacks go into and out of switch because it is the hot side that is being switched.

Light switch has 4 wire colors red and white and green and black which is the hot wire?

You have a 3 way switch. Your black wire is the hot wire. Your green wire is the ground wire. Your red and white wires go to the light and other switch. You should have gotten a wiring diagram with your switch.

What if your light switch has four wires two white and two black. Which one would be the hot wire and would two be the grounds?

One set, one white and one black are the power and ground coming in. The other set goes to the light. Probably, the one in the bottom of the switch box is the power in. In this case, it really doesn't matter. If you break the black wires, the light should work. Tie the two white together and connect 1 black to each terminal on the switch. White or ground goes to the light, black will feed through the switch either way and complete the circuit.

How do you connect multiple lights to one switch starting at the light?

You put switch in series with the black supply wire and the black wire to the first light. Then connect black wire of first light to black wire of second light, black wire of second light to third light and so forth. Do the same with the white wires and ground wires.

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