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You represent a repeating number by putting a dash on top of the number. For example 56.1066666 you represent it by putting a dash on top of the 6

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Q: How do you represent a repeating number?
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What number does one third represent?

.3 repeating

What does a repeating decimal represent?

a rational number which is a fraction

Is -0.436558509... rational number?

The answer depends on what the ellipses represent. If it is repeating 9s then it is. If it means that the string of digits goes on but with no repeating pattern then it is not.

What is points behind decimal represent?

They may be ellipsis which represent repeating digits.

What is a circle above a number?

It can refer to degrees if it is above and slightly to the right. A dot, (not a circle) directly above a number would represent a repeating digit in the decimal representation of a number.

Is 0.88 repeating a rational number?

Is 0.88 repeating a rational number

Is 35 a terminating or a repeating decimal?

35 is a repeating number

What is a bar notation used to represent in math?

It represents a repeating decimal

What is used to represent a repeating decimal?

A repeating decimal is represented by a horizontal line over the repeating part.So for example .3255555555..... would be __.3255and .33333333..... would be __.33

What is j in algebra?

it can represent any number it can represent any number it can represent any number it can represent any number it can represent any number

What symbol represents a repeating decimal?

For a single repeating digit, it is a dot over the digit.For string of repeating digits, it can be a dot over the first and last repeating digits, or a bar over the repeating string.

Are repeating decimals an irrational number?

A repeating decimal is a rational number. Its value is(the repeating set of digits)/(as many 9s as there are digits above).

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