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First of all we can take a straight line,when we take a straight line we take a half circle in the left side of the line,then the end of a circle we take an CHAND and draw a 90 degree then it`s draw a root 2 we used this method we can easily draw a root 17.

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Q: How do you represent root 17 on number line with steps?
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How do you represent root 9.3 on number line?

take a no. line

How do you represent root 17 on number line?

i do not know how to do it please tell me how to do it

How do you represent root 4 on number line?

......................... ..------------------.. ..|.....|.....|.....|... ..0.....1...√4...3... ........................

How do you represent root 10 on number line?

friends,root 10 is according to our pythagores thoream.root 10=square of 3 and square of 1 can be represented on a number line.

How do you represent root 2 to root 9 in the number line?

By root, I think you mean square root. The square root of 2 is approx. 1.414. The square root of 9 = 3, so this goes exactly at 3 on the number line. Square root 2 will be less than 1/2 way between 1 and 2 on the number line.

How to represent root 5 on a number line?

it is less than 4 greater than 5

How do you represent 3 plus root 2 on the number line?

ne tala kaya banda kesi kottu

How do you represent root 3 on the number line?

I assume you mean the square Root of 3. You can't show it exactly as root 3 is an irrational number. BUT, you can show it approximately. Root 3 = 1.732... So put a mark between 1 and 2 on the number line at about 1.7.

How do you represent square root of 7 on the number line?

Hope that you have understood how to represent root 5 on the number line. For reference go figure given below the first video in this lesion. Now, draw CB ⊥ AB and CB = 1 unit (as shown in first video). Now, join OC. The length of OC is root 6. At C, DC ⊥ AB. Join OD. Taking O as centre and OD as radius draw an arc that intersects the number line Q .Here, OD = OQ = root 7.Now, Q is the point on the number line that represents the number root 7.

What is the symbol used to represent the nonnegative square root of a number?

The radical symbol ( √ ) followed by a line above what's in the radical, designates positive square root.

How do you represent root 4.3 on number line?

Draw a line, from 0, angled at 45 degrees to the number line. Let P be the point at 4.3 units along this line. Drop a perpendicular from P to the number line - to meet it at Q. Then OQ = sqrt(4.3). Repeat on the negative side of the number line.

How do you represent root 3 in number line?

Remember: squareroot of 3 is smaller than 2 and bigger than 1. It is approx. 1.732