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1/10 + 2/7 = 7/70 + 20/70 = 27/70

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Q: How do you rewrite one tenth plus two seventh with a common denominator?
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Is one tenth least common denominator fraction?


What is the least common denominator between one fourteenth and one tenth?

One Seventieth

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What is the least common denominator of three fourths and one tenth?

The LCD for 3/4 and 1/10 is 20

is 1 seventh bigger than 1 tenth?


When does the omphalocele develop?

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What is five seventh plus one tenth?


What is the name of the note for the tenth position for a trombone?

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What is one tenth plus one fifth in simplest form?

3/10 or three tenths You solve by converting 1/5 (multiply the numerator and denominator by 2 to get a common denominator) to 2/10 then adding it to 1/10.

What are the numerator and demominator relationships of one tenth?

The denominator is ten times the value of the numerator.

If two fractions have unlike denominators then is the Lcd the product of their denominators?

Not necessarily. The product of their denominators is a common denominator, but might not be the smallest. For instance, the LCD of one tenth and one twentieth is 20.

Which ten letter word has its fourth letter d seventh letter a and tenth letter s?


What is 4 and one tenth as an improper fraction?

it would be 41/10 (multiply the number by the denominator and add it to the top)

Is tenth century a common noun?

The word century is a common noun. The word tenth is functioning as an adjective (not a noun) decribing the noun century.

What are the words that ends in th?

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What is three and one tenth minus two and one fifth?

3 and 1/10 - 2 and 1/5 change to improper fractions as difficulty with negative numbers can be avoided by just changing the 1/10 and 1/5 fractions to common denominator. 31/10 - 11/5 change denominator to common 10 31/10 - 22/10 = 9/10

Is one tenth bigger than one third?

No, it isn't. The bigger the denominator (bottom number), the smaller the fraction ~x

What gifts are given in Twelve days of Christmas on days seven and ten?

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Which is larger three quarters or seven tenths?

7/10 is bigger than 3/4 with the default

What is one tenth plus one fifth?

1/10 + 1/5 =3/10. This is because, to add or subtract fractions, you must get them to have a common denominator. You can then convert 1/5 to 2/10 so that it shares a common denominator with the fraction 1/10. You then add the numerators, and 1+2=3, therefore your sum of the two fractions is 3/10, or 3 over 10.

Is one tenth less than one fifth?

yes it is, because when we make one fifth's denominator to 10, it will be 2/10.

How collectible is the tenth doctors sonic screwdriver toy?

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Is one fifth bigger than one tenth?

Yes. 1/5 is bigger than 1/10. In fact it is exactly twice as big as one tenth. The key is that the denominator of the fraction (5 or 10) represents the size of the "part" being indicated. A larger denominator means a smaller part -- there are more of them in the whole.

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