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But sixty percent isn't any of those things. Sixty percent, or 60 parts out of one hundred, can be written as 0.6 or 3/5

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Q: How do you rewrite sixty percent means the same as 60 over 2 over 5 60 or 6 over 5?
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Does sixty percent means the same as 60 over 60?

No, sixty percent means 60 over 100.

What percent is eighteen over sixty?


Rewrite 27 over 50 as a percent?

54%27/50 * 100 = 54

What is 250 percent of 2 how do you slove?

A percentage is that number over 100, so we can rewrite 250% as 250/100. The next step is to note that "of" in mathematics means "multiplied by." This means we can rewrite the question as 250/100 x 2 This sum has the answer 5. Thus, 250% of 2 is 5.

What is 26 over 40 as a percent?

sixty-five percent26/4 = 6.56.5 x 10 = 65

Rewrite the percent as a fraction in lowest terms 5 percent?

5 percent you write as 5% then you put it into a decimal as .5. Then wite it as a fraction as 5 over 10. Then reduce by 5 then you get one half.

What is the percent of 26 out of 42?

over sixty-one 26/42 x 100 = 2,600/42 = 61.904761904762%

What percent is 50 over 100?

Since the word percent means "of 100", 50 over 100 is equal to 50 percent.

How do I rewrite 6.03 as a decimal fraction?

Your rewrite it as 66

What is 249 percent as a fraction?

249/100. "Percent" always means over 100.

What percentage is 55 over 100?

Percent means "of 100". Therefore, 55 over 100 is equal to 55 percent.

How many homosexuals are over sixty years old?

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