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The nearest cent is two decimal places.

To round a number to a particular digit, look at the digit immediately to the right of your target, in this case, the third decimal place. If that digit is 4 or lower, zero it and everything to the right of it out. If that digit is 5 or higher, increase the target digit by one and zero everything to the right of it out. If your target digit is a 9, increasing it will turn it to zero and increase the digit to the left of it by one.

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Q: How do you round dollar amounts to the nearest cent?
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How do you round off 26.1995 to the nearest cent or whole dollar?

Assuming it is 26.1995 cents, then the nearest cent is 26.20. The nearest dollar is 26.

What is 386.75 rounded to nearest cent?

You have asked to round the number to the nearest cent, but you have not said what the units are which that number represents. If it is 386.75 cents, then if we round it to the nearest cent, we get 387 cents. If, however, it is $386.75 then you can't round it to the nearest cent, you could only round it to the nearest dollar (in which case the answer would be $387).

How do you round up 0.4625 To the nearest cent?

If that is 0.4625 of a dollar or Euro, making 46.25 cent, then it will round up to 47 cent.

Round the following dollar amount to the nearest cent. 55.27834?


How would you round to the nearest cent 252.79?

Assuming the amount is in a bigger currency and cent (eg dollar-cent, or euro-cent), there is nothing to do!

What does rounding to the nearest cent means?

The nearest cent is the same as the nearest hundredth since 1 cent is 1/100 of a dollar. The nearest hundredth. 2.336 rounds to 2.34

Does sales tax round up or does it round to the nearest cent?

nearest cent

How do you round 7776.4 to the nearest cent?

The answer depends on the units used. If the units are dollar or Euro, then the answer is 7776.40

Round 29.7 to the nearest cent-?

If you round 29.7 to the nearest cent, it is 30 cents.

How do you know when to round to the nearest dollar or cent?

The answer may be obtained from the context. If you are talking about the cost of a suit, I would not bother with the nearest cent, but for the cost of a of a small packet of sweets (candy) I would want to know the nearest cent.

What is round to the nearest 100 cent?

It means rounded to the nearest dollar/euro. So if you have 50 or more cents you round up a dollar. i.e. 10.51 would be 11. 10.49 would be 10

How do you round 107.91 to the nearest cent?

Round off to the nearest cent, means round off to the nearest hundredths or round off to two decimal.