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Q: How do you say thank you for enhancing my knowledge in math in Spanish?
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What is math in spanish?

The answer to math is... matematicas

What is the sci-math theme 2010 in the Philippines?

"Enhancing scientific and mathematical skills in a better way" is the theme ^_^

Who expanded the knowledge of math and astronomy?


What school subjects do Spanish children take?

Spanish and math

How do you spell math in Spanish?

The Spanish word is matemáticas (mathematics).

Show you how to get on harcourt mega math?

No, thank you. I do not want you to show me.

What are the uses of greek math?

the same as English, French, Spanish, etc. math.

Why was a math book created?

To increase your knowledge on mathematics.

Study link 1.5 math?

No thank you! I have progressed well beyond that!

Why is suntex first in math so good of a math websight does it really teach anyone anything?

it basically tests your knowledge in math.

Where does the word math come from?

Math comes from the Greek Language" máthēma" meaning "knowledge " "learning" or "science"

How do you say i have math in spanish?

Tengo matemáticas