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if it's just a number, you say


but if it's a year, you say:


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Q: How do you say the number 1988 in German?
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How do you say number nine in German language?

"Neun" is the German word for the number nine.

How do you say number four in German language?

The number 4 in the German lagnguage is known as vier.

How do you say number in German?

Die Nummer.

How do you say the number ten in German?


How do you say 'Number One' in German?

"Number One" = Nummer eins

How do you say the number seven in German word?


How do you say the number six in German langguage?


How do you say the number 8432 in German?

8432 = achttausendvierhundertzweiunddreißig.

How do you say 1988 in Spanish?

1988 as a number or "mil novecientos ochenta y ocho".

Was the German Bundesliga in 1988?

Werder Bremen was the German Bundesliga winner in 1988.

How do you say silly in German?

Silly can be translated as a number of words in German: doof blöd leichtsinnig

How do you say number seven in German language?

Nummer sieben

How do you say the number 6 in German?

die Nummer sechs

How do you say what is your phone number in German?

Was ist Ihre Telefonnummer

How do you say 21 in German?

number: 21. word: einundzwanzig.

How do you say -Can I have your number- in German?

Habe ich deine nummer?

How do you say in German my lucky number is?

meine Glückszahl ist is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.

How do you say nine in German?

English: "the number nine" is German: "die Zahl neun".in germin it means no

How do you say you have lost her number in German?

you have lost her number= Du hast ihre Nummer verloren

How do you say my number is eleven in German?

My number is eleven = meine Nummer ist die elf.

When was Zachary German born?

Zachary German was born in 1988.

How do you say can i get your number in German?

Kann ich Deine (Telefon-) Nummer haben.

How do you say 'I am German?

" I am German "

How do you say from where are you in German?

To say where are you from in German, you would say: Wo sind sie?

When was German Pyatnikov born?

German Pyatnikov was born on 1988-01-23.