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"Two hundred thousand" in Spanish is "doscientos mil". It is pronounced "dos-see-EHN-tose meel". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

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Dos mil doscientos

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Q: How do you say two hundred thousand in spanish?
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How do you say 1200 in spanish?

one thousand, two hundred OR twelve hundred

How do you say two thousand two hundred fifty in spanish?

Dos mil doscientos cincuenta (2250)

Do you say two thousand three hundred or two thousand and three hundred?

Two thousand three hundred because and is only for decimals

How do you say this in words 250000?

Two hundred fifty thousand.

How do you say 203203 in word form?

"Two hundred three thousand, two hundred three"

How do you say 282000 in words?

282000 = two hundred and eighty two thousand.

How you say 202000?

Two hundred two thousand.

How do you say 233 740 in word form?

two hundred thirty-three thousand, seven hundred forty.

How do you say 121212?

"One hundred twenty-one thousand two hundred twelve."

How do you say 13.214 in spanish?

trece punto doscientos catorce = thirteen point two hundred and fourteen trece mil, doscientos catorce = thirteen thousand, two hundred and fourteen

How do you say 710200?

seven hundred and ten thousand, two hundred

How do you say the number 4250 in Spanish?

That would be cuatro (four) mil (thousand) dos cien (two hundred) cinquenta (fifty).