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Q: How do you set up a header on a formal essay?
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Which ribbon in WORD 2007 do you select to set up a Header?

it is on the page layout!!

How do you set up a formal report?

ALL formal reports follow the same classical organization and format.

Different types of banquet set up?

The two main types of banquet setups are formal and informal. Formal banquets can be either full formal or semi formal.

What formal document set up the foundation and government for this country?

the constitution

How much does a header for a 93 integra cost?

Depends on whick brand you buy. I personally like the DC Sports header 4-2-1 set-up and it is what I have on my 93 GSR. They are available from JC Whitney for about 340.00 dollars. MikeyRiceBurner

Who set up the first formal psychological lab at the University of Leipzig in Germany?

wilhelm wundt

What is the difference between a header and a footer?

A header is at the top of the page and a footer is at the bottom. They are both set up to stay constant throughout the document no matter the page. You can also add page numbers and different thing that will vary uniformly throughout your document.

What was the name of the formal document that set up the laws and beliefs that would govern the Plymouth colony?

The Mayflower Compact.

How do you use a header or footer?

You click view then header and footer this is good when making letters as what ever you put in the header come up every time you add a new page

What is one way to ensure that your essay does what you set out to do?

A good way to stay focused and clear in an essay is to come up with an outline before beginning to write the essay. It is also important to have an introduction section at the beginning and a conclusion section at the end.

What is true about an essay's conclusion?

It wraps up the ideas at the end of the essay

What is a true about an essay conclusion?

It wraps up the ideas at the end of the essay