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You can show it in many different ways. 1/3 2/6 3/9 4/12 etc.

If you want to show it in a percentage, it would be about 33%

If you want to show it in a decimal, it would be about 0.33

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How do you show one tenth in two different ways?

1/10 & 0.1 are two ways to show one tenth

What are 3 different ways to show 6 as a mixed number?

6 is not a mixed number so there cannot be three correct ways to show it as one.

Different ways of displaying one third?

1/3, 33.33%, .33, 3-1, ⅓,

What are three different ways to show factorizations of the number sixteen do not use one as a factor?


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There are a great many ways in which you could measure one third. You could use a ruler or measuring cup.

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== == A scale to measure the rock in different ways. That is only one of the ways though. A scale to measure the rock in different ways. That is only one of the ways though.

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Im assuming you wanted to know the answer to the question that goes along with a PHET activity just like I was. Anyway one of the different ways is a yellow smiley face will show up and the arrows will turn yellow.

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What are all the different ways to write 1 third?

1:3 33.33%* .3333* 1/3 (any number)/(that number times three) (any number):(that number times three) One third *numbers with * are not exact values

What is one third out of six?

show fraction 1/3 of of 6

How many different ways are there to make thirty - one cents?

several ways

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WHAT ARE three different simplified fractions that have different denominators and that add up to 1?

one half, one third, and one sixth

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Show one-third of 18?

1/3 * 18 = 6

How many different ways can you arrange the numbers 1 to16?

If all 16 numbers show up in each arrangement, then they can be arranged in20,922,789,890,000 different ways.(That number is rounded to the nearest ten thousand, so it's accurate to withinone ten-millionth of 1 percent.)

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