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Just ignore the negative sign, but carry it along as you simplify .


-12/8 = -3/2 = -1.5

-100/6 = -50/3 = -16 2/3

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Q: How do you simplify an Improper negative fraction?
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How do you simplify a improper fraction?

You can simplify an improper fraction, unless the numbers are prime. Simplify it like how you would regularly, but don't forget that you can always turn it into a mixed number.

How do you simplify the improper fraction 130?

130 is an integer, not a fraction.

What is negative 0.33 as an improper fraction?

-0.33 as an improper fraction = -33/100

What is negative 13 in a improper fraction?

Negative 13 is an integer, not a fraction.

How do you find the absolute value of an improper fraction?

If the improper fraction is greter than 0 it is the value of the improper fraction and if the improper fraction is less than 0, it is the negative of the value of the fraction.

How do you divide a fraction and amixed number?

Convert the mixed number into an improper fraction then divide the fraction and improper fraction as normal (invert the divisor and multiply) and simplify the result (including converting any improper fraction into a mixed number)

How do you know if you need to reduce a mixed fraction?

If it is an Improper Fraction then you have to simplify which is the same thing is reducing.

What is 6.15 as an improper fraction?

It is 615/100. You can simplify this rational fraction if you require.

What is 3 45 expressed as an improper fraction?

what is the improper fraction for negative 3 and 4/5

What is negative 3 and five sevenths expressed as an improper fraction?

Negative 3 and five sevenths expressed as an improper fraction is - 26/7.

What is an improper fraction for 3.35?

It is 335/100 which you can simplify, if you so wish.

What is negative twelve as a fraction?

It is simply -12/1 as an improper fraction