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To simplify five tenths you can write it as a decimal .5 which would mean one half.

Five tenths simplified is one half.

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Q: How do you simplify five tenths?
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How do you simplify five and twelve tenths?

6 and 1/5

How do you simplify 6.9?

It is 6 and 9 tenths or 69 tenths.

What is one half plus three tenths simplified?

One half is five tenths. Add three tenths, gives eight tenths. Simplify that by dividing the two values by their highest common factor, which is 2. That gives you four fifths.

What is five tenths of a yard?

five tenths of a yard.

How do you write five tenths?


How do you write 0.5 in words?

0.5 = five tenths.

How do you write two and five tenths?

two and five tenths

What is seventy-five tenths of a whole unit?

Seventy-five tenths is 7 and 5 tenths.

What is nine-tenths minus three-tenths?

Six tenths but then you have to simplify it so then it would be three fifths

How many sixths would equal five-tenths?

five-tenths = 1/2 therefore, three-sixths = five-tenths

What is three and five tenths divided three and four tenths?

Three and five tenths divided by three and four tenths is 1.0294.

How is ten and five tenths written in standard form?

Ten tenths is 100 five tenths is 50

What is six and five tenths in decimals?

Six and five tenths = 6.5

What is seven and five tenths in expanded form?

seven and five tenths

What is five tenths?

five tenths is equal to half or in decimals 0.5

What is the numbers of five and six tenths?

Five and six tenths = 5.6

Five and six tenths as a decimal?

Five and six tenths = 5.6

What are the five tenths of tae kwon do?

Five tenths is slightly more than four tenths, and less than six tenths. Perhaps you are wondering about the five "tenets" of Taekwondo.

How do you write - seven and five-tenths?

7.05 is how you write seven and five tenths.

How do you write 4.50 in words?

Four and five tenths.

How do you write 3.5 in word?

three and five tenths.

How do you simplify nine tenths?

9/10 is in its simplest form.

What does three and four tenths simplify to?

3 and 2/5

How is 65.5 read?

Sixty five and five tenths Sixty-five point five

What is the absolute value of negative two in five tenths?

It's two in five tenths.

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