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Q: How do you simplify household chores?
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Should participate men in household course?

Chores? No! Course? As in household intercourse? Maybe.

How do does water help us in our household chores?

to clean.

What is the meaning of the word 'housekeeping'?

Managing household chores.

What are household chores that starts with a d?

dusting, dishwashing

What Household chores starting with the letter J?


What are some household chores that begin with the letter J?

what is a household chore that starts with a j

What's a good software that will help me keep track of my household chores and expenses?

Microsoft Outlook can keep your calendar up to date with all of your household chores very well.

What were some of the chores of the slaves of Mesopotamia?

Some chores that the slaves did were household, mining and agriculture

What do ancient mesopotamian slaves do?

They did household chores for the upper class.

Does doing household chores burn calories?

yes in fact it does

What are Household chores starts with h?

house plant repotting

What chores did they do in the colonial times?

Well in those days there were no farm machines or household electrical appliances so all farming , and household tasks needed to be done by hand - these were called chores.