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You can't. Math is not an algebraic expression.

Simplifying an equation, however, can take multiple forms. Sometimes simplify simply means to solve an equation. Other times, it can mean to bring an equation into a standard form, such as with line equations, or quadratic equations.

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Q: How do you simplify math?
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In math how do you simplify an expression?

Math can be difficult at times. To simplify a math expression, it is important to follow the order of operations, or PEMDAS.

What is simplify math?

5x +50x

What does the word reduce mean in math?

in math terms reduce means to simplify

What does evaluate meen in math?

In math evaluating is where you simplify an expression as much as possible. For example to evaluate 5+2 you simplify it so it is 7. To evaluate 5x+3x+4y you simplify it to 8x+4y.

How do you simplify in math for p5?

p5 cannot be simplified.

What is 0.916666667 simplified?

In math if you simplify 0.916666667 the answer is 0.916667.

How do I simplify 9! in percentages in math?

9! = 36,288,000 %

What is simplify mean in math?

simplify in math terms is just like any other it means to make something look simpler and to help you understand it better.

How do you simplify integer math problems?

The answer depends on the nature of the problem.

What does simplify a number in math?

The process of simplification simplifies a number in mathematics.

What is simplify in math?

To simplify means to work the problem until nothing else can be done. For instance, 2pi can be simplified to 6.283 but no further.

Why do you simplify fractions?

In math people simplify fractions because its easier to look at.

Simplify the given expression 2x 2 2?

The simplify of 2 times 2 take away 2 equals 2. This is a math problem.

How do you simplify a math problem?

here's an example: 3(4-5)=12-15

Why math is important in political science?

Mathematics is important in political science as a means for modelling political concepts. With math, we can simplify and analyse ideas quantitatively.

How can you simplify in math?

It depends on the context. You can simplify expressions, fractions, surds and so on. The methods for each is different so it is necessary to know a bit more before the question can be answered.

How do exponents help in math?

Exponents can simplify very ugly math problems and their relation to logarithms makes them invaluable. FYI logarithms were invented before exponents.

What reason led them to invent logarithms?

Logarithms helped to simplify and speed up math in a time when there were no calculators.

How do you do math applications?

find the variable(s). then write the equation(s). finally simplify the equation(s)

What math words that have the letters i p m l y i s f?

I can think of one, Simplify.

How do you simplify -4-3 plus 6?

Do the math. -4 -3 +6 = -7 + 6 = -1

Can you simplify 51 over 8?

hello im a college math teacher and i got 1/8 -_-

What is the difference between simplifying and solving in math?

You simplify expressions and solve equations. You don't simplify something that has an equal sign, and you don't solve something that doesn't have an equal sign. For examples, you simplify 2/4 and solve x + 0 = 1

What school subject is fractions related to?

Math is related to fractions. if you look in a math book or just online then one of the math topics is fractions. You learn how to divide, multiply, add and subtract, simplify and more about fractions and what to do with them.

What does simplify mean in math?

Solve, or to work the problem until there are no other smaller answers until there are no more numbers