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3and 1/8

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Q: How do you simplify three and three twenty fourths?
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Can you simplify nine twenty fourths?


How many twenty fourths would three fourths equal?

Eighteen twenty-fourths.

How many fourths are in five and three fourths?

23 (Twenty three)

What is one fourth plus three eights plus five twelfths?

First we convert to the same type, which is twenty-fourths: 6 twenty-fourths + 9 twenty-fourths + 10 twenty-fourths = 25 twenty-fourths or 1 and 1 twenty-fourth.

What is one and three fourths mulitplyed by twenty-eight fourths?


What is three fourths of twenty kilometers?


What three fourths of twenty four?


Is eight over twenty three as a fraction equal to three fourths?


What is twenty four divided by three fourths?


What is three fourths times one third times five sixths?

Five twenty-fourths

Is 8 twelthes the same as 16 twenty-fourths?

Yes, they both simplify to two thirds.

What is twenty one times three fourths?

The answer is 15 and 3 fourths. 21 times 3 equals 63 then you put the 4 from the three fourths underneath and reduce 63 fourths to 15 and three fourths. 4 divided by 63 is 15 with a remainder of 3 which leaves you with 15 and three fourths.

How many fourths are there in six-eighths simplify?

6/8 simplifies to 3/4, so there are three fourths in six eighths.

What is seven eighths divided by three?

seven twenty-fourths

Is eighteen twenty fifths greater than three fourths?


What is 3 eighths plus 5 sixths?

If we convert into twenty-fourths we get 9 twenty-fourths + 20 twenty-fourths. So the answer is 29 twenty-fourths, which is just over 6 fifths.

How do you rewrite twenty three and eight fourths in decimal form?


What is three twenty-fourths lowest term?

one over eight

What is one quarter plus three twenty fourths?


What is twenty three and three fourths subtracted by eighteen and one half?

five and one quarter

What are three equivalent fractions for five eighths?

ten sixteenths, fifteen twenty-fourths, and twenty thirty sixths =)

What is three twenty fourths as a decimal?

3/24 = 1/8 = 0.125

What is ten and twenty-three sixty-fourths?

10 and 23/64 = 10.359375

What is the length of a popcorn machine if its length is three fourths of twenty four?


Five-sixths of a liter is how many twenty-fourths of a liter?

Five-sixths of a liter is twenty-twenty--fourths of a liter.

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