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You can make it 4 to the 9th power and you will still get the same answer.

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Q: How do you simplify using exponents For 4 to the 4th power To the 5th power?
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How do you multiply10 to the 4th power by 10 tot he 2nd power?

Add the exponents. The answer is 106

Simplify 8 to the 3rd power x 8 to the 4th power?


What is another name for square root?

Exponents, such as 2 to the 3rd power or 4 to the 4th power.

What exponents equal 81?

3 to the 4th power 9 squared

What is 10 to the second power X 10 to the second power?

You add exponents, so it is 10 to the 4th power, which is 10000

What does 3 to the 4th power mean in exponents?

3 to the fouth power is the same as 3*3*3*3

Which is equivalent to (210 to the 3rd power)(210 to the 4th power)?

210 to the 7th power (add exponents)

Write 3 expressions containing exponents so that each expression quals 81?

One is 3 to the 4th power

What does 9y to the 4th power times y to the fifth power equals to?

9Y^4 * Y^5 add exponents and coefficients multiplied 9Y^9

What is 0 to the fourth power?

0 is 0 to the 4th power. When dealing with exponents the number multiplies itself the number the exponent says, so in this case 0x0x0x0=0

How do you simplify the rational expression x over 9x to the 8th power times x to the 7th power times 45 over x to the 4th power?


Why is it that 10 raised to the power 0 is equal to 1?

Think about how you do divisions that take this form: a to the power x divided by a to the power y where a is a real number and x and y are whole numbers with x being greater than y.2 to the 6th power is 64. 2 to the 4th power is 16.To do the division: 2 to the 6th power divided by 2 to the 4th power, you simply subtract exponents. 6 minus 4 is 2. The answer is 2 to the power 2, or 2 squared. If you divide 10 to the power 456 by 10 to the power 456, you are simply dividing a number by itself, which will give you the answer 1. It's easy enough to see that when you subtract exponents the answer will be zero. No matter what the exponents of the same base, if you are dividing a number by itself, subtracting exponents will give you 0.This has nothing to do with dividing by zero. Any real number to the power zero equals 1.