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You normally "solve" something when there is a variable involved. In this case there is no variable. All you have to do is decide whether it is true or false. If this is derived from an original equation (or, in this case, inequality) which involved variables, then if the equation (or inequality) without variables is true, it means it is true for ANY value of the variable. If it is false, the original equation (or inequality) can't be satisfied by any value of the variable.

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Q: How do you solve -12 is less than or equal to -12?
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less than

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p is less than 12.

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x is less than or equal to 15

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Less than.

What operation gives the solution to the inequality 4x 12?

An inequality requires an inequality sign, usually "less than", "less-than-or-equal", "greater than", or "greater than or equal". Assuming one of these inequality signs is between the "4x" and the "12", for example: 4x < 12, just divide both sides by 4. Just as when you solve equations, the idea is to isolate the variable on one side.

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You solve an inequality by treating the greater than and less than like a equal sign, an example is 6x + 15 is less than 9. You could see it as 6x + 15 = 9, so you minus 15 from 9, making it -6. Now, 6x = -6. Divide by 6, and you get x is less than -1. After this, x can equal anything that is less than -1. You can make x equal -2, now you can check the problem: 6x + 15 is less than 96(-2) + 15 is less than 9-12 + 15 is less than 93 is less than 9TRUE!!! This is a true statement because 3 is less than 9. Good luck in the world of Math!

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