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The answer is dividing.



x = 8

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Q: How do you solve 3x equals 24 in an equation by multiplying or dividing?
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Explain how to solve a whole-number equation?

by adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying.

How can you solve an equation to get an equivalent equation?

In general, if you apply the same operation to both sides of an equation, you get an equivalent equation - at least if you do simple things like adding, subtracting, multiplying by a non-zero number, and dividing by some number.

How do you solve an equation with algebraic expression?

Try adding or subtracting, or multiplying or dividing each side of the equation of the same thing. eg. if 2X=10 divide each side by 2. you have x=5

What is the meaning of 2 step equation?

two algebraic steps (not counting simplification steps) must be used to solve the problem. 1st step is adding or subtracting some quantity from both sides of the equation. 2nd step is multiplying or dividing by a number to solve.

When does 3 plus 3 equal 5?

you could get 3+3=5 but there is a very mathematical equation if you will to solve it. it takes dividing adding multiplying and subtracting by the multiples to figure it out. i am yet to find out what exactly this equation is.

Is it possible to solve the equation 5x equals 29 by multiplying both sides with the same number?

Yes. the number is 0.2 (or the equivalent 1/5).

Solve the equation 13A equals 65?

a equals 5

Can you solve the equation 3q 11 8q99?

It is not an equation if it does not have an equals sign. You could simplify it but not solve it.

Which property would you use to solve the equation 3z equals 0.45 for z?

If: 3z = 0.45 Then: z = 0.15 by dividing both sides by 3

How to solve this equation 1x7?

When you separate the characters in the equation, you see one and seven separated by an X. You can solve the equation by multiplying -- the function of X -- one times seven: the answer is seven.

What is the equation that equals pi?

I think it is 3.14 that equals to pi when u solve it

How do you solve -2 - 19 equals -43?

You cannot solve it since it is not a true equation.

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