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You solve this by theoretically diverting the hypotenuse of the x divided by the overall beneficial procedure of y

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How do you solve a problem using the substitution method?
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Can quadratic systems be solved using elimination and substitution?

You can solve lineaar quadratic systems by either the elimination or the substitution methods. You can also solve them using the comparison method. Which method works best depends on which method the person solving them is comfortable with.

How do you solve a problem using substitution?

y=2x+9 and y=x+6

What is the disadvantage of using the substitution method in solving linear equations rather than the graph method?

There are no disadvantages. There are three main ways to solve linear equations which are: substitution, graphing, and elimination. The method that is most appropriate can be found by looking at the equation.

What does GUESS stand for when using the guess method?

G-Given U-Unknown E-Equation S-Substitution S-Solve

When using the substitution method to solve a nonlinear system of equations you should first see if you can one variable in one of the equations in the system?


What do scientists usually do when a problem first arises?

They try to solve it using the scientific method.

What is the first step of the scienctific method?

The first step when using the scientific method is to state the problem you'll be attempting to solve.

What is the advantage of using the method of substitution rather than using a graph?


How do you solve an or problem if a variable is unrestricted in sign?

Solve the problem using the + sign for the variable. Then solve the problem using the - sign for the variable. Report your answer as the answer that you got using + or the answer that you got using -.

What are the pros and cons to using the substitution method to solve equations in algebra?

pros; you will learn to be smarter. cons; you will waste ALL your time, get angry, and punch your teacher for making you do the work.

What is an advantage of using the method of substitution rather than using a graph or table to solve a system of linear equations?

You will obtain a more accurate answer than is possible using graphical methods. It's faster and less work than using a table.

How do you solve a problem using probability?

The answer depends on that the problem is!

What 4x y14 and 2x y8 solve using substitution?

You cant solve it unless it is an equation. To be an equation it must have an equals sign.

How do you solve systems of equations by using elimination?

Multiply every term in both equations by any number that is not 0 or 1, and has not been posted in our discussion already. Then solve the new system you have created using elimination or substitution method:6x + 9y = -310x - 6y = 58

How do scientist solve problem in scientific way?

Using the scientific method, scientists can work together to test different hypotheses and determine the best solution for the problem

How do you solve algebra mixture problems?

We slove problem on mixture by using the method called method of cross difference (cheaper / dearer) = (mean-cheaper)/(dearer-mean)

How do you decide whether to use elimination or subsitution to solve a three-variable system?

There is no simple answer. Sometimes, the nature of one of the equations lends itself to the substitution method but at other times, elimination is better. If they are non-linear equations, and there is an easy substitution then that is the best approach. With linear equations, using the inverse matrix is the fastest method.

How do you solve Linear Equations with the substitution method?

You just plug in the value of the given variable. For example: y=3+2 2y=x (now you substitute y for 3+2) 2(3+2)=x (now solve the equation using distributive property) 6+4=x 10=x Tuhduh!! All done using the substitution property.

What is graphical method?

The graphical method is a method used to solve algebraical problems by using graphs.

How could you solve the problem of a sugar cube melting while determining the volume of a sugar cube using the water-displacement method?

No. you can't use water displacement method.

Translate this word problem as a system of equations and then solve using substitution?

A system of equations is two or more equations that share at least one variable. Once you have determined your equations, solve for one of the variables and substitute in that solution to the other equation.

How do you solve a linear equation using the symbolic method?

you cant

How do you solve systems of equations using substitution?

3(5x-2y)=18 5/2x-y=-1

To solve the system given below using substitution it is best to start by solving the second equation for y?


How can you solve the ozone layer depletion problem?

To solve the ozone problem, we mustPlant more treesAvoid using CFC's.