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That factors to (a + 1)(a + b)

a = -1, -b

b = -a

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Q: How do you solve a squared plus a plus ab plus b equals 0?
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Can you solve the cryptogram AB plus BA plus B equals AAB?

A = 1, B = 9

What does a equal in ab equals c plus a?

to solve ab=c+a for a:Divide both sides by b, so:a= (c+a)/b

What does ab plus ab equals?


If ab plus bc equals ac then ac equals ab plus bc?

yes because ab plus bc is ac

Factor x squared y squared plus ay squared plus ab plus bx squared?

(a + x^2)(b + y^2)

Triangle abc is a right triangle if ac equals 7 and side bc equals 10 what is ther measure of side ab?

The square root of 149 (7 squared plus 10 squared equals 149).

What is b squared plus ab minus two minus two b squared plus two ab?

b2 + ab - 2 - 2b2 + 2ab = -b2 + ab - 2 which cannot be simplified further.

Ab plus bc equals bc plus ab what property is this?


Two chords and are equidistant from the center of a circle AB equals 3x plus 11 and CD equals 39 - x. Solve for x?


A plus B equals AB?

No. A times B = AB

Factor a cubed plus B-Cubed?

(a+b)(a squared-ab+b squared)

What property of equality is if ab plus cd equals ef plus cd then ab equals ef?

The existence of the additive inverse (of ab).

3y equals ab solve for variable y?

3y=ab. Divide by 3 to get y=ab/3

What is the property that says ab plus c equals ab plus ac?

associative property

Factor X squared y plus axy plus abx plus a squared b?

x2y + axy + abx + a2b Factor by grouping. xy(x + a) + ab(x + a) (xy + ab)(x + a)

If ac plus cb equals ab and ac equals cb then the point c is?

the midpoint of AB.

If you know that AB plus B equals C what is the conclusion?

C minus B equals AB

How to solve this 8.333333 equals ab b to power of negative 1 1.8 equals ab b to power of 2?

8 1/3 = ab^-1, 1.8 =ab^2

X squared y squared plus ay squared plus ab plus bx squared?

The problem here is nobody knows if "ay squared" is (ay)2 or ay2 etc. To solve a mathematical problem it must be set out mathematically or nobody knows your intention. Here is a sort of mathematical statement which is unclear, and although it ends in a question mark, nobody knows what the question is, even if you do. Try again and people will do their best to answer it. I read the question as: x2y2 + ay2 + ab + bx2 ? But what is required to be done with it?

What does ab equals 1a plus 1B plus ab equal to?

ab=1a+1b a is equal to either 0 or two, and b is equal to a

How do you show that ab plus ab plus cc equals abc?

If, as is normal, ab represents a times b, etc then ab + ab + cc = 2ab + c2 which is generally not the same as abc.

Does A plus B equals AB?

No, A+B is left as A+B AB would be A x B

A plus B equals AB plus energy is an example of?

An exothermic chemical reaction.

If AB equals 3x plus 5 and NM equals 2x plus 1 then NM equals what?

NM equals 2x + 1, as stated in the question!

Ab plus 3a plus b squared plus 3b?

This expression can be factored. ab + 3a + b2 + 3b = a(b + 3) + b(b + 3) = (a + b)(b + 3)