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George saves nickels and dimes for tolls. If he has 8 coins worth $2.60,how many are nickels and how many are dimes? Answer this question by using system of equation.

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Q: How do you solve by substitution y equals x-1?
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Solve the equation by substitution method x-y equals 5?


Solve using substitution x plus y equals 3 and y equals 9?

Since the second equation is already solved for "y", you can replace "y" by "9" in the other equation. Then solve the new equation for "x".

Solve the system by substitution x= 5 - y x-y=3?


How do you solve x plus y equals 4 and y equals 2X plus 1 by substitution method?

If: x+y = 4 and y = 2x+1 Then: 4-x = 2x+1 => 3 = 3x => 1 = x So by substitution: x = 1 and y = 3

Solve using substitution x minus y equals 2 and x plus y equals -4?


What property is if x equals 4 and y equals 2x then y equals 8?

Substitution property.

How do you solve a problem using substitution?

y=2x+9 and y=x+6

What is Solve By Substitution y0.5x 2 -y-2x 4?

To solve the following equation by substitution, we need to have the equal sign. This will help us group the knowns and the unknowns.

Which property of equality justifies the statement If y plus 7 equals 9 then y equals 2?

Substitution property.

Solve by substitution method y equals -4x - 7 y equals 3x?

y= -4x-7 y=3x 3x= -4x-7 3x+4x=7 7x=7 x=1

If Using substitution method to solve the equation y equals 8x plus 3 and y equals 7?

This is not Calculus.y=7(Already solved)substiute y=7 into y=8xtherefore 7 = 8xtherefore x = 7/8

Use addition or substitution to find the value of x for this set of equations for x - y equals 120 x plus y equals 150?

X = 135 and y = 15 Solved by addition and substitution

How do you solve -y plus y?

-y + y equals 0.

How do you solve 3x-3y9 Y-3x-3 by substitution method?

If you mean: 3x-3y = 9 and y-3x = -3 then by adding both equations y = -3 and by substitution x = 0

How do you solve x plus y equals 2?

Y equals 1 and X equals 1

Y equals -x plus 12x-y equals 5 solve by substitution?


How do you solve y equals mx plus b solve for b?

b = y - mx.

How do you Determine the slope and y - Intercept of the Linear Equation y equals 5 then graph it?

y intercept is when x is zero then you solve. slope is rise over run or y -y1 divided by x -x1 you graph by puting the y intersept on the y axis then you take the slope and do the rise then the run

How do you find the y coordinate for a given x by substitution?

sub x with 0 and solve

How do you solve y-2y'-3y equals 0?

For y - 2y - 3y equals 0, y equals 0.

What is y equals 4x-10 and y equals 5-x solve using substitution?

By definition: 4x-10 = 5-x 4x+x = 5+10 5x = 15 x = 3 and y = 2

-3x-y equals 3 and -3x-5y equals -21 please help me solve the above equation through the substitution method.?

-3x = 3 + y 3 + y - 5y = -21 -4y = -24 y = 6 x = -3

Y plus 2x equals 0 solve for y?

y= -2x

What is the answer for the ordered pair form x plus seven y equals 7 two x plus y equals 8 using substitution?

If you mean: x+7y = 7 and 2x+y = 8 Then by substitution: x = 49/13 and y = 6/13

How do you solve x plus y equals 8 and 2x minus y equals 5 using the addition method?

If: x+y = 8 and 2x-y = 5 Then by adding the equations together: 3x = 13 or x = 13/3 By substitution into the original equations: x = 13/3 and y = 11/3