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You sole exponents by multiplying the hole number by the exponent.

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Q: How do you solve exponents?
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Related questions

How do you simplify exponents?

just solve it yes you have to solve but he is asking you how to solve and also what are the steps to solve the specific answer.

What does the product rule of exponents say?

When a base is raised to a power inside a quantity , multiply the two exponents to solve.

Can you Solve an algebra problem?

yes you have to solve by order of operations. Perenthasis Exponents Mult. Divi. Add. Sub.

How does one solve equations with exponents?

one million as a power of ten

How to solve integer exponents?

Positive exponents: an = a*a*a*...*a where there are n (>0) lots of a. Negative exponents: a-n = 1/(a*a*a*...*a) where there are n (>0) lots of a.

In what jobs do you use exponents?

you can use it in accounting/financing to solve for comound interest.

How do you solve in exponents laws if the bases are not the same?

Convert all expressions to the same base.

How do you solve a z score?

When you add the two exponents together and get the reaction of the first two denominators

How do you square exponents with a variable?

Studies show that the best way to solve this would be to use a calculator.

When does Exponents used to solve a math problem?

common logarithms, natural logarithms, monatary calculations, etc.

How do you solve multiplication with like terms?

Just multiply the coefficients, leave the variable the same, and add the exponents.

How do you solve equations with brackets?

Follow PEMDAS (Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction), but do what is in the brackets first.

How do you solve N to the 30th divided by N to the first?

You subtract the exponents. N30 - N1 = N30 - 1 = N29.You subtract the exponents. N30 - N1 = N30 - 1 = N29.You subtract the exponents. N30 - N1 = N30 - 1 = N29.You subtract the exponents. N30 - N1 = N30 - 1 = N29.

How do you solve x to the forth factor divided by x?

Subtract the exponents. x^4 divided by x = x^3

How do you solve equations in math?

you use PEMDAS which is parentheses exponents multiplication and division from left to right addition and subtraction from left to right

Do you see a relationship between the exponents of the base and the exponent of the product?

The exponent of the base is a step to solve the problems now the exponent of the product will also adjust a step to solve the equation but it contains more cooperative need.

How do you solve -8 cubed using exponents and as a product of repeated factors?

(-8)3 = (-8)*(-8)*(-8) = (+64)*(-8) = -512

How do negative exponents apply to real life situations?

it helps you solve and understand expression faster. it turns long problems it too short ones

How do you solve 625 using repeated multiplication of the same factor the using exponents?

5 x 5 x 5 x 5 = 625

What is bed mass for math?

Bedmassb= braquets (solve the braquets)e= exponents (solve the exponents)d-m= division and multiplicationa-s= add or substractare the steps to solve an operation!I wish that that it help to you! :)

How do you multiply numbers with exponents and parentheses?

BEDMAS Brackets Exponents Division Multiplication Subtraction Solve Brackets (parentheses) question first. (Ie 3(4)E2 =12E2) Then do the remaining exponents. (12E2 = 144) Division and Multiplication. Either can go first. (whichever order it appears in the question) Same with Addition and subtraction. Hope this helps!

If two exponents have the same factor or base what happens to the exponents when the exponents are multipled?

The exponents are added.

What is exponents?

Answers to your math questions for grade level

When adding numbers with exponents do you add or subtract the exponents?

you do not do anything when you add numbers with exponents. you just figure out the answer. it is only if you multiply numbers with exponents, where you add the exponents..

When adding numbers with fraction exponents do you add the exponents?

Fractional exponents follow the same rules as integral exponents. Integral exponents are numbers raised to an integer power.