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3/(x2+4x-1) = 6/(2x2-3x+5)

Cross - multiply in order to eliminate the fractions:

6*(x2+4x-1) = 3*(2x2-3x+5)

6x2+24x-6 = 6x2-9x+15

6x2-6x2+24x+9x = 15+6

33x = 21

x = 21/33 => x = 7/11

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Q: How do you solve for x in the equation 3 over x square plus 3 over 4x minus 3 over 1 equals 6 over 2x square minus 6 over 3x plus 6 over 5?
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Without an "equals" word or sign somewhere, there is nothing to solve.You only have an expression, not an equation.

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By including its plus or minus signs

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15x minus 8=minus 180 3x+8=24

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If x equals the square root of ...., then you already have solved for x

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It depends on which variable you wish to solve for.

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Take the square root of both sides of the equation

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It is an equation with the plus or minus signs missing which makes it impossible to solve.

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Yes and x = 2+square root of 6 or x = 2-square root of 6

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x=2 because 9-(14)=-5

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It can be solved by using the quadratic equation formula.

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That won't factor neatly, so we apply the quadratic formula. x = -8 plus or minus 2 times the square root of 5 x = -3.5278640450004204 x = -12.47213595499958

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It is not an equation if it does not have an equals sign. You could simplify it but not solve it.

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The question contains an expression but not an equation. You cannot solve an expression.

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a equals 5

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The question contains an expression, not an equation or inequality. There is nothing to solve in an expression.

3x squared minus 2x when x equals 5?

You fill in for x and solve the equation3(5)^2 - 2(5)15^2 - 10; now solve

Solve the quadratic equation by clearing fractions and then solving 4 over x plus 2 minus 4 equals 3 over x minus 3?

x=-1 ^ how do you know?

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There is no equation nor inequality in the question so there is nothing which can be solved.

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If x squared -10 = 0 then x = the square root of 10