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-6X -6X


-8 -8


now divide by 6


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Q: How do you solve for x when its in a fraction?
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What fraction of 2.30 is 0.69?

I believe you're asking to solve for x if x/2.30 = 0.69. If so, x = 1.59.

What is 0.54 (repeating) as a fraction in simplest form?

Here is how you solve this. You call your number "x", and write:x = 0.5454... 100x = 54.5454... Then you subtract the first equation from the second, and solve the resulting equation for "x". This will give you "x" as a fraction. Simplify as appropriate.

How do you change 4 over 10 to a percentage?

40%, make a fraction 4/10 then x/100 then solve for x

Solve for x enter your answer below as an improper fraction in lowest terms using the slash as the fraction bar X-8 8 9 6 7?

If you mean: x/8 = 8+9+6+7 then x = 240/1 as an improper fraction

Find 2 consecutive integers whose difference is 2?

no solution. If you solve for x (where x is the first integer) the answer is a fraction, which is not an integer.

What is the fraction for 0.123 repeaitng?

Call this fraction "x". In that case:x = 0.123123... (equation 1) 1000x = 123.123123... (equation 2) Subtract equation 1 from equation 2, and solve for "x". That gives you the number as a fraction.

how do i solve fraction expressions and equation?

the fraction is percent over 100 and fraction over the whole. Whatever number is missing you multiply across in an X with the end being the empty space.

How do you solve fraction integers?

A fraction is not an integer.

What is .323232 as a fraction?

You solve this as follows. You call your number "x", and write:x = .323232... (equation 1) Then you multiply this equation by 100 (a one, followed by two zeros - this is because the length of the period is 2), and get: 100x = 32.323232... (equation 2) Now you can subtract equation 1 from equation 2, and solve for "x". This will give you "x" as a fraction.

.7 recurring as a fraction?

Call your number "x", and calculate 10 times that number.10x = 7.777...x = 0.777...Subtract the second equation from the first, and you get:9x = 7If you solve this for "x", you get the number as a fraction. In this case, it is 7/9.

What percentage of 80 is 32?

We can set up the equation to solve this question as follows: X(80)=32, where X is a fraction that can be converted to a percentage. solving for X X = 32/80=0.4= 40%

How do you solve dissimilar fraction?

To solve a Dissimilar Fraction,you must change the denominator to a similar fraction then proceed with the Adding/Subtracting Dissimilar Fraction...