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its really easy

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Q: How do you solve input output tables?
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What is function in output input tables?

It is the process which converts the input to output.

What has the author Paula C Young written?

Paula C. Young has written: 'Summary input-output tables of the U.S. economy' -- subject(s): Economic conditions, Input-output analysis, Input-output tables 'Summary input-output tables of the U.S. economy, 1976, 1978, and 1979' -- subject(s): Economic conditions, Input-output analysis, Mathematical models

What has the author Yukio Kaneko written?

Yukio Kaneko has written: 'Input output table and input output analysis' -- subject(s): Input-output analysis, Input-output tables 'Sangyo renkan no keizai bunseki'

How do you solve the efficiency of a machine?

Work output divided by energy input = efficiency

What is the math definition for input output tables?

A table in which you put in a number and out comes another number. Usually more than one groups of numbers. And almost ALWAYS follows a rule such as: Input x3=Output or Input -23= Output Input | Output 2 | 4 10 | 20 16 | 32 In this table you can see that the rule is Input x2 = Output Hope This helped!

What is the difference between input and output?

The differnce between input and output is input=in output=out The differnce between input and output is input=in output=out

What has the author Ajit Biswas written?

Ajit Biswas has written: 'Input-output relationships among selected Indian industries' -- subject(s): Industrial organization, Industries, Input-output tables

Is OMR an input or output?

is an omr and input or output device?

Is a PC a input or a output?

input & output

What are two kinds of data tables that can be created?

one- input tables and three input tables

What are the input output storage devices?

basic input and output operation is operation that is input and output.

What is an input output table?

An input/output table works like this:You input something, and through a function, it outputs something else!Say I Had a function that is: input+2If I were to input 5, It would output 7All an input/output table does is displays a couple examples of multiple inputs with their outputs! Put tables only operate on one function....Example:Function: Input x 5 + 3INPUTS - OUTPUTS----------------------1 - 82 - 133 - 186 - 3310 - 53

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