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Presumably you want to convert that into a fraction. Here is an example.

Your number is 0.4121212... ("12" is repeated)

Call this "x":

x = 0.4121212...

Multiply this by 100 (if three digits repeat, multiply by 1000, if 4 digits repeat, by 10,000, etc.), and subtract:

100x = 12.21212...

x = 0.41212...

99x = 11.8

Therefore, x = 11.8 / 99 = 118/990.

The final step is to see whether you can simplify the fraction.

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Q: How do you solve non-terminating repeating decimal?
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What is nonterminating and not repeating decimal?

It is an infinite non-repeating decimal which represents an irrational number.

What are the numbers in the smallest group of repeating digits when 4111 is converted to a nonterminating decimal?

4111 is an integer and so there is no sensible way to convert it into a repeating decimal.

What is a non-terminating number?

A nonterminating number does not end. An example is the fraction 1/3. When written as a decimal, it is a nonterminating number. Also pi is a nonterminating number. Some nonterminating numbers are repeating, some are nonrepeating. But they just don't end.

How you would convert the repeating nonterminating decimal to a fraction Explain the process as you solve the problem 0.1515?

Let x = 0.1515 100x = 15.1515 Subtract them. 99x = 15 x = 15/99

What real number is nonterminating and a nonrepeating decimal?

The only real number that is non-terminating and non-repeating is Pi (pie)

Are all nonterminating decimals irrational numbers?

Not at all. 0.33333... nonterminating = 1/3 rational 0.66666... nonterminating = 2/3 rational 0.1428571428... nonterminating = 1/7 rational 0.55555... nonterminating = 5/9 rational

What is the definition for a non terminating decimal?

Nonterminating Decimal: A decimal that continues without end.For example:The square root of 2 = 1.414213562… Therefore, the square root of 2 is a nonterminating decimal.

What is a nonrepeating nonterminating decimal rational or irrational?

They are irrational.

Is 7.1234 is a rational number?


What can be a number that can be expressed as a nonrepeating nonterminating decimal?

an irrational number

Terminating and nonterminating decimal?

a terminating decimal is one that has an end like 1/2 is 0.5 nonterminating does not end like 1/3 is 0.33333333333333333333333333333333333333333... where there are an infinite number of 3s on the end. 1/4 is 0.25 so it is also terminating pi is a nonterminating number it is 3.14159265359... it also doesn't have a set pattern to go by so its not only a nonterminating decimal, but it is an irrational number. Hope that helps

What is 5 over 12 in a decimal?

0.4166666666 repeating to solve this, divide 5 by 12