How do you solve parentheses?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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(x+y) is the same as x+y

3(x+y) is 3 times as much. You multiply both x and y with 3 = 3x+3y

3(2x+4y) is the same as 3*2x+3*4y = 6x+12y

This is the general start of how to "solve" and do calculations with parentheses.

I am sure other people can add more examples with higher difficulty


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Q: How do you solve parentheses?
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In a math problem what is parenthesis?

Parentheses is when you are doing an equation, and you solve the problem.

How do you solve order of operations with fractions?

solve the top and bottom first, as if each were in parentheses. Then Divide the numerator by the denominator

How to solve a problem that has numbers in parenthesis then to the 2nd power?

You square the number in the parentheses.

What is changing the order of operations with parentheses?

Parentheses are the following symbols: ( & ). These are parentheses. These help to do equations for example : 3+2x3=9 u are to put the parentheses or the backetts or the {} to help solve the equation so this is the way to put them in : 3+(2x3)=9. Hope This Helps!

What does the upsc in math mean?

understand, plan, solve,& check

How do you solve the equation 18 equals three parentheses 3X -6?


What does it mean when a number is in parentheses in math?

It means you have to solve the problem in parentheses first. ex: 2X4+5= 13; 2X (4+5) = 18. The answer is different because you have to solve the problem in the Order of Operations. 1) Parentheses 2) Exponents like 22 3) Multiplication 4) Division 5) Addition 6) Subtraction PEMDAS or Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.

How do you solve equations in math?

you use PEMDAS which is parentheses exponents multiplication and division from left to right addition and subtraction from left to right

How do you solve the equation 3 parentheses x plus 2 parentheses equals x minus 18?

3(x+2) = x -18 3x+6 = x -18 3x -x = -18 -6 2x = -24 x = -12

What does an binomial expansion do?

Binomial Expansion makes it easier to solve an equation. It brings an equation of something raised to a power down to a solveable equation without parentheses.

What is the answer to parentheses 43 minus 19 parentheses plus parentheses 16 minus 14 parentheses parentheses 4 parentheses and how did you get the answer?

(43 - 19) + (16 - 14)(4)= 24 + (2)(4)= 24 + 8= 32

Can you put parentheses in parentheses?