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People are born and people die. Population is a constant cycle. If we ever get to a point where there is simply too many people to feed, countries may have to establish laws on child birth. Ethical considerations also should be put into place. For example, some religions state that people should prosper and grow in numbers. Limiting this ethical prospect can also decrease population growth. True, many countries are loosing control of the populations, but America is not loosing the population control so far. Some countries may need to adapt small laws and restrictions in the years that follow.


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by using cencus data

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Q: How do you solve population growth?
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What is the population of Saint-Solve?

The population of Saint-Solve is 395.

In logistic population growth what is the initial growth called?

The initial growth of a population is called a growth spurt. In logistic population growth, the population grows at a steady pace.

What isthe population and population growth of italy?

Population: 60,642,308 population growth rate: .42%

How can you apply the brakes on population growth?

Population growth can be stop by educating people. Education is most important for stop growth in population.

When the exponential phase of a logistic growth curve of a population ceases what happen to population growth?

population growth begins to slow down

A major burden to the growth of china's economy was cause by?

A major burden to the growth of China's economy was cause by the high population growth. An increase in the population has resulted into limited resources among the residents.

What type of population growth is at risk for a population crash?

Exponential growth

What is the population and growth rate for Zambia?

The population of Zambia is 12,309,466 The population growth rate is at 3.03%.

On a graph of population growth the size of the population when the growth rate decreases to zero represents an area's?

On a graph of population growth the size of the population when the growth rate decreases to zero represents an area's carrying capacity.

What is the definition of population growth curve?

A growth curve is a chart model showing the growth and evolution of an entity over time. A population growth curve charts the growth of a population over a certain amount of time.

When was Negative Population Growth created?

Negative Population Growth was created in 1972.

What is the worlds current population growth?

The population growth rate of the world is about 1.2%.