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You need to find the slope in the equation.

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Is it rise over run or run over rise on a cordinate plane?

If you're talking about slope, it is rise over run. But why is it not the other way run over rise?

How do you calculate the rise and run of stairs?

It is rise over run. (Rise divided by run)

Do you divide the rise over run or vice verse?

Rise over run

What does it mean to the rise over run when the slope is an integer?

The slope can be remembered as "rise over run". When the slope is an integer, it means that the rise over run is positive.

How do you calculate rise over run?

rise divided by run: a fraction, rise is y and run is x (you run on a horizontal plane) (you rise on a vertical plane)

What are the two ways to define slope?

Rise over run ! Rise _____ run

What is a run in math?

a run in math is referring to slope, which is rise over run. rise is how far you travel up, and run is how far you travel over.

How do you find the second point using rise over run?

Rise over run gives you slope, not points

Slope equals rise over what?

Slope equals rise over run.

How do you know which line is steeper in a graph?

Determine which line is steeper by finding out which has a greater rise over run. I trust you know what rise over run is. You can determine which has a greater rise over run by dividing the rise by the run, and then whichever line has the largest decimal is the steepest.

Slope equals rise over?


Slopes equals rise over?

slope = rise/run

Why is it rise over run and not run over rise?

It could have been either but it must have been easier to put the y-coordinate on top.

What is the measure of the steepness of line expressed as rise over run?

The measure of the steepness of line expressed as rise over run is called slope.

Slope equels rise over?

Answer: run.

How do you get the slope of a line?

rise over run

How do find the slope?

run over rise

How do you represent slope?

Rise over run

What does 4 and 12 mean in regards to a roof pitch -------run and ------- rise?

rise over run. That would be a 4" rise for every 12" run. In other words, 4" vertically over 12" horizontally

How do you graph rise over run?

This is plotted with a straight line. The "rise" is how far the line rises vertically. the "run" is how far it traverses horizontally. The division "rise" / "run" is the "slope" of the line.

What does slope tell you?

Rise over run or y over x.

When is rise over run no solution?

When run = 0. That is to say, when the line is vertical.

Slope of a straight line?

rise over run

Another name for slope?

rise over run

What is rise over run?