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simply see what you can multiply twice to get the number under the square root sign.

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Q: How do you solve the square root to problems?
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What is the answer to 4 square root 25 x square root 120?

To solve this problem, you must first solve the smaller problems. The square root of 25 is 5, and the square root of 120 is 10.95. First solve the equation on the left side of the multiplication sign, which is 4 x 5. Now, multiple the answer of 20 by 10.95, which is 219.

Why was the square root invented?

It was invented because it is an easier way to solve math problems. The square root is like the inverse process of squaring or raising to the power of two.

Is pi used to solve square root?

No, pi is not used to solve a square root problem.

What square root property is essential to solve any radical equation involvine a square root?

What square root property is essential to solve any radical equation involving square root?

How do you solve square-root?


How do you solve integers and absolute value?

To solve equations with absolute values in them, square the absolute value and then take the square root. This works because the square of a negative number is positive, and the square root of that square is the abosolute value of the original number.

How do you solve square root?

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How do you solve the square root of 72 divided by the square root of 2?


How do you solve square root 143?

The square root of 143 is an irrational number and it is about 11.958 to three decimal places

What is the square root of a - the square root of b divided by the square root of a plus the square root of b?

This is a difficult one to answer without being able to use math type. You have to multiply the top and bottom of this expression by the conjugate to solve the problem. But since I can't show you that, I will just give you the answer without the work included.The numerator is a-2sqrt(ab)+bThe denominator is a-bI will solve all your math problems. Check my profile for more info.

How do you solve 8-3x equals the square root of 4xsquared plus the square root of 20 plus 8?


Why is there no solution to the square root of -169?

The answer is an imaginary number, because of the negative under the square root. The same number multiplied together will always be a positive number. For example, if you square negative one, the answer is positive one, because a negative times a negative is a positive. Because a square root undoes a square, there is no solution to the square root of a negative number. That's why your calculator could not compute this problem. However, there is a way to solve these types of problems by using imaginary numbers. The answer is 13i, where i is the square root of negative one.

How do you solve 2 square root 5 plus 4 square root 5?

It is: 6 square root 5 and it's just like adding fractions with the same denominators

How do you solve i21?

i21 = square root of (-441)

How do you solve the square root of 150?

√150 = 12.247448714

What square root property is essential to solve any radical equation involving square root?

If you take an equation such as Ax2+ Bx+c=0, you can complete the square and then use the square root property to solve it. That is how we derive the quadratic equation. For example, x2+2x-9=0 We write this as (x+1)2=10 bu completing the square then the square root property tell us that x+1 is PLUS OR MINUS Square root of 10

How do you solve surd?

Surds are irrational square root numbers that cannot be solved but they can be simplified. For example the square root of 12 can be simplified to 2 times the square root of 3.

Which of the following are techniques you have learned so far to solve a quadratic equation?

Solve by factoring. Solve by taking the square root of both sides.

How does square root help us in real life?

It shows the radical of the digit which can solve many problems having to do with non-reapeting non terminating decimals like pi

How can you solve the equation x2 plus 3i equals 0?

x2+3i=0 so x2=-3i x=square root of (-3i)=square root (-3)square root (i) =i(square root(3)([1/(square root (2)](1+i) and i(square root(3)([-1/(square root (2)](1+i) You can multiply through by i if you want, but I left it since it shows you where the answer came from. Note: The square root of i is 1/square root 2(1+i) and -1/square root of 2 (1+i) to see this, try and square them!

How do you solve for x when it equals the square root of y to the fourth minus y?

If x equals the square root of ...., then you already have solved for x

How do you solve problem related to square root?

The answer depends on what the problem is.

How can you use functions to solve real-world problems?

The basic idea is to represent the relationship between two variables as a function. Many problems in physics, chemistry, etc. use common functions (such as the square function, the square root function, the exponential function), or more complicated functions.

What are the steps to solve the logarithm log2 times the square root of 4x?

There is nothing to solve because there is no = sign.

How do you solve absolute value inequalities?

The absolute value of something is also the square root of the square of that something. This can be used to solve equations involving absolute values.