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-96 = 33-y

-96-33 = -y

-129 = -y

y = 129

Remember a minus divided into a minus is equal to a plus.

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Q: How do you solve this equation -96 equals 33-y?
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How do you solve for b in the following equation -3b equals 96 plus b?

-3b=96+b Well, first you could subtract "b" from each side, and then you'd have -4b=96, and then you could divide by 4 on each side and get your answer for "b"

What should be added to both sides of this equation to solve for the variable a plus 98 -2?


Solve for x 3x equals 96 minus 75?


What is the value of this equation 96-3d equals 63?

d = 11

What is the answer for x 3x equals 96-75?

Solve for x: 3x=(96-75) 96-75= 21 / 21:3= 7

Solve for x 3x equals 96-75?

3x=96-75 3x=21 x=7

3x equals 96-75 solve for x?

3x = (96-75) 3x = 21So X = 7

How do you solve 32 divided by 4 plus 4 multiplied by 8?

32 divided by 4 equals 8 plus 4 equals 12 multipled by 8 equals 96 answer

When 289 is divided by x the quotient equals 96 remainder 1. solve for x?

289/3 = 96 remainder 1 Therefore, x = 3.

Can you solve 12 parenthisis 3x - 8 parentisis equals 48?

12(3x-8)=48Distribute the 12 to the 3x and -8, that would give you 36x-96=48Next add the -96 to both sides of the equation resulting in 36x=144Lastly divide both sides of the equation by 36 giving you the result of x=4

The larger of two numbers is twice the smaller. If the sun of the two numbers is 96 find the numbers. Help me please?

Short answer: 32 and 64 Explanation: These sentences translate into two equations: x = 2y and x + y = 96 Since we know that x equals 2y, we can plug that into the second equation and solve for y: 2y + y = 96 3y = 96 y = 96/3 y = 32 Now that we know what why is equal to, we can plug that into the first equation and solve for x: x = 2 * 32 x = 64 So, the two numbers are 64 and 32.

How do you make this equation true 456789 equals 23?


What is the discriminant in the quadratic equation x 2 plus 11x plus 121 equals x plus 96?

The discriminant is 0.

What is 96 and divide4 equals?

96 and divide4 equals = 24

Can you give me a general equation for x equals 2 22x equals 44 x equals 3 32x equals 96 x equals 4 42x equals 168 and so on?

P = Cx 'P' = the product 'C' = any integer

What percent of 80 equals equals 96?

120% of 80 equals 96. 96/80 = 1.2 = 120%

How do you solve a one digit equation in addition and subtraction?

you do 9+96= 120 + 58 multipluiyed by the gravitaiinal pull of the easth on a 1 kg object which is 9.8 newtons

When you Solve for x 3x equals 96 -75?

First you simplify: 3x=21 Then you divide both sides by 3: x=7

What times what is equals to 96?

The product of 32 and 3 equals 96

How do you solve 3X-8y equals 24 and 12X plus 32y equals 96?

4(3x-8y = 24) 12x+32y = 96 Multiply all terms in the first equation by 4: 12x-32y = 96 12x+32y = 96 Add both equations together: 24x = 192 Divide both sides by 24 to find the value of x: x = 8 Substitute the value of x into the original equations to find the value of y: Therefore: x = 8 and y = 0

What divided by 96 equals 12?

8 divided by 96 equals 12.

Solve the proportion 4 over 6 equals x over 24?

4/6=x/24 96=6x 16=x

Solve x 8 16 x 6?

The answer to X 8 times 16 times 6 equals 9216. This is a math problem.

6x 7y equals 96?

Solving equations in two unknowns requires two independent equations. Since you have only one equation there is no solution. Furthermore, it is not clear whether there is meant to be a symbol between 6x and 7y. Well the guy failed at asking a question but im sure he means 6x+7y=96 Whoever can solve that would be nice. Answer should be in a ordered pair. * * * If s/he means 6x + 7y = 96, then this equation, of a line in two dimensional space is the set of solutions. Each and every one of the infinite number of points on that line is a solution.

96 ounces equals how many liters?

96 ounces equals 2.84 liters.