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Let the number be x and so if: (2x-6)/2 = 20 then x = 23

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Q: How do you solve this word problemTake a number. Double the number. Subtract 6 from the result and divide the answer by 2. The quotient will be 20. What is the number?
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What is the quotient of 2 and the difference of 5?

quotient means to divide, so the quotient of 2 is to divide by 2. difference means to subtract, so subtract by 5

What is twice the quotient of a number and 35?

means divide the number by 35, then double it

How can we determine what to do add subtract multiply or divide on word problem questions on whole numbers?

Word problems have key words, like sum, add, difference, subtract, product, multiply, quotient, divide.

What is the answer to a multiplication sum?

add=sum subtract=differencemultiply=productdivide=quotient

What is an expression to represent the description You divide a number x by 4 and then subtract 2 from the quotient?


How do you work out the interior angles of a regular 6 sided shape?

Divide 360 by the number of sides, then subtract the quotient from 180 to get the angle in degrees.

Write the prototype of a function' divide' that takes two integer values and returns the quotient of double type.?

Your question isn't a question, but here is the answer: double divide (int p, int q);

Find the quotient of n 12 divide n 4 The four and twelve are small little numbers in the air?


What is quotient of powers?

When you divide powers having the same base, subtract the numerator from the denomenator. Put the base in the part of the fraction where the original exponent was larger.

Which number is the quotient?

A quotient is the answer when you divide 2 numbers. For example if you divide 72 by 3, you get 24 as a quotient.

How can you tell before you divide if the quotient will have two or three digits?

Mental math like if 12 into 72 it will not be a double digit if you divide 100 by 10 it will be double digits. Most times if you have a tripple digit number and divide it by double digit the answer will be a double digit.

How do you do math quotient?

Quotient means Divide

When you divide a numerator of a fraction by the denominator what is the quotient?

The quotient is the result when you divide a numerator of a fraction by the denominator

What number is halfway between 10000 and 8400?

Subtract 8,400 from 10,000 and you will get 1,600. Divide that in half (divide by 2) and you get 800. Add 800 to 8,400 (or subtract from 10,000 as a double check) and you get 9,200.

Answer when you divide is called?

the quotient

Divide 72 by 9 what is the quotient?

The quotient is 8

How many zeros are in the quotient when you divide 80000 by 50?

There are two zeros in the quotient when you divide 80000 by 50

How does this work Pick a number any number add 17 double it subtract 4 double it add 20 divide by 4 and subtract 20 You end up with your original answer. How?

Start with n, then you get; Add 17: n + 17 Double it: 2n + 34 Subtract 4: 2n + 30 Double it: 4n + 60 Add 20: 4n + 80 Divide by 4: n + 20 Subtract 20: n which is where you started.

Which is the quotient?

a quotient is when ya divide two numbers together

What is the quotient of 3405.03 divide by 100?


Do this to get a quotient?


What is the answer you get when you divide two numbers?

The quotient

What times 100 equals 150?

1.5 Divide 150 by 100 which gives the quotient 1.5.

Do you multiply to get a quotient?

You multiply to get the product You divide to get the quotient

How do you find quotient of a number?

to fine the quotient of a number u have to divide