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Id say you would do it the same as you do to , multiply them all out so you can take it away etc juct having to find out one other number.

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Q: How do you solve three simultaneous equations?
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What is it called when you solve for two lines of algebraic equations simultaneousley?

Its called Simultaneous Equations

How do you solve simultaneous quadratic equations?

Graphically might be the simplest answer.

What did ABC computers do?

solve systems of up to 29 simultaneous equations.

How do you solve parallel equations?

Parallel lines never meet and so parallel equations do not have any simultaneous solution.

What methods of solving systems are needed to solve a three variable system?

Simultaneous equations are usually used in mathematics to find the values of three variables within a system.

What does John Atanasoff electronic computer do?

Solve simultaneous equations of up to 29 variables.

What are simultaneous equation in maths?

Simultaneous equations are where you have multiple equations, often coupled with multiple variables. An example would be x+y=2, x-y=2. To solve for x and y, both equations would have to be used simultaneously.

Why inversion of matrix is usefull?

The most common use for inverted matrices is to solve a set of simultaneous equations.

How do you solve simultaneous equations?

simultaneous equations === === : === === === === # # # # # === ===: === === : === === : === === : === === : === ===

How do you solve an equation with two variables?

By substitution or elimination of one of the variables which usually involves simultaneous or straight line equations.

9x-5y-4 equals 0 Solve for y?

Can't be done unless you have another equation with the same x and y. Then you would solve for simultaneous equations.

What are equations that have the same answer?

Simultaneous equations have the same solutions