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x4 - 1.

We can not "solve" this as we have not been told the value of x. However, we can simplify this expression:

We have an x and a minus x here which will cancel out. Likewise the x2 and x3 will cancel out with the -x2 and -x3 respectively. This therefore leaves us with just x4 - 1.

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Q: How do you solve x-1 plus x2-x plus x3-x2 plus x4-x3?
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x equals 4

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In a quadratic equation, the vertex (which will be the maximum value of a negative quadratic and the minimum value of a positive quadratic) is in the exact center of any two x values whose corresponding y values are equal. So, you'd start by solving for x, given any y value in the function's range. Then, you'd solve for y where x equals the middle value of the two x's given in the previous. For example:y = x24 = x2x = 2, -2y = (0)2y = 0Which is, indeed, the vertex of y = x2