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Unfortunately, the website dropped whatever symbol you typed between the 'x'

and the '37.260' and I can't tell what's supposed to be in that space. It could be

the sign for 'equals', 'plus', 'minus', 'times', or 'divided by'. I'll have to answer the

question for every possibility:

-- equals . . . . x = 37.260

That's an equation. The solution is the number that 'x' must be

in order to make it a true statement. The solution is

x = 37.260

-- any other symbol

  • x + 37.260
  • x - 37.260
  • x times 37.260
  • x/37.260

None of these is an equation. None of them asks a question, or needs a solution.

Each of them is just an expression that stands for a number. There's no way to

know what number it stands for unless you know what 'x' is. And if 'x' changes,

then the value of the expression changes immediately. There's nothing to solve

with any of these.

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Q: How do you solve x 37.260 with all steps?
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