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y - 3 = 0

y = 3

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Q: How do you solve y - 3 equals?
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Related questions

How do you solve -2x plus y equals -3 and -x plus 2y equals 3?

x = 3 and y = 3 Form a simultaneous equation and solve by elimination.

How do you solve linear equations when the given is x equals -3 y equals 5?

If you already know that x = -3 and y = 5 what linear equations are you wanting to solve?

How do you solve y equals 3 8?

y = 3 x (times) 8.

Solve for y 4x-y equals 7?


How do you solve y plus 1 divided by 3 equals 2?


Solve using substitution x plus y equals 3 and y equals 9?

Since the second equation is already solved for "y", you can replace "y" by "9" in the other equation. Then solve the new equation for "x".

3y equals ab solve for variable y?

3y=ab. Divide by 3 to get y=ab/3

How do you solve x equals 4 y equals x plus 3?

x=4 y=x+3 y=4+3 y=7

What is the answer to y equals -4x-3?


How do you solve 4x-2y equals 10?

You need more information to solve for x and y. One answer is x=3 and y=1.

How do you solve y equals x-2y?

add 2 y to each side, divide by 3 and you get- y = x over 3

How do you solve xy equals 3?

If you're solving for x, then x = 3/y.

What is the x and y intercept of x-3 y equals 9?

Set x=0, solve for y, which is the y intercept: 0 - 3y = 9 --> y = -3. Set y=0 and solve for x = 9 for x-intercept.

How to solve that problem absolute value of 7 - y - 4 equals 0?

y = 3, 6

Solve and graph y equals 3 plus x?

The given equation y=3+x is a linear line with the slope of 1 and y-intercept of 3.

How do you solve y equals 2x-3?

To me, this looks solved but of you want it in parametrics, y = -3 +2t (teR)

How do you solve y equals -4x plus 3?

You cannot solve one linear equation with two variables.

X plus y equals 5 and 2x-y equals 4?

If you are trying to find x and y, the answers are x=3 and y=2. You can use elimination to find the answer. First you cross out the y and -y in the equations and then add the x's and numbers, which will give you 3x=9. You can then solve for x and you will get x=3. To find y, you put 3 into either of the equations for x and solve for y.

How do you solve 3 divided by y plus 7 divided by y equals 9?

3/Y+7\Y=9 =>Y=10\9

Solve the following system of equations 5x plus y equals -9 -5x plus 2y equals 0?

x = -1.2, y = -3

How do you solve y equals -x plus 3?

It is not possible to solve one linear equation in two unknown variables.

Solve the system of equations enter your answer as an ordered pair 6x - y equals 33 6x plus 3y equals 45?

It works out that x = 6 and y = 3 or as (6, 3)

How do you solve y-3 equals 2x?

you need to find one of the variables first

How do you solve -y plus y?

-y + y equals 0.

If y varies directly with x and y equals 6 and x equals -3 find y when x equals 4?

y/x is a constant; so first of you can solve for this constant. y/x=6/-3, or y/x=-2 y/4=-2 y=-8