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Same as you would square any other number - multiply it by itself.

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Q: How do you square a 5 digit number?
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How do you make 5 digit numbers as square?

The smallest 5 digit number is 10000 = 1002 The largest 5 digit number is 99999 and 3162 < 99999 < 3172 So, take any number between 100 and 316 (both inclusive) and square it to get a 5-digit perfect square.

What is the unit digit of a number if the number can be a square number?

A number can be a square number if its first digit is 0, 1, 4, 5, 6 or 9.

Least 5 digit number which is a perfect square?

10000 = 1002.

What is the largest 5 digit number whose square root is a prime number?


What number that is not divisible by 9 has one digit that is prime another digit that is a square and another that is not prime or square?

If one digit is a prime number, that digit must be 2, 3, 5, or 7. If one digit is a square, that digit must be 1, 4, or 9. If one digit is neither a prime number or a square, that digit must be 0, 6, or 8. So, 248 is a possible number. Another possibility is 436. There are other possibilities, as well.

What is the greatest perfect square?

99801 is the greatest 5 digit number * * * * * 99801 is not a perfect square! Sqrt(99801) = 315.91 (approx). The largest 5 digit perfect square is 99856 = 3162

Two-digit square number whose ones digit is 5 greater than its tens digit?

49 = 72 16 =4^

What is a square number that is two-digit even?

16, which is the square of 4, is a two digit even number.

What is the the greatest 5 digit perfect square?

The largest 5 digit perfect square is 99856 = 3162

How do you find the squareroot of a number?

Ignore the last two digits of the number called out by the spectator and choose the memorised square which is just lower (or equal) to the remaining number. The corresponding square root is the first digit. of your answer Now consider the last digit of the number called out by the spectator. If this is 0 or 5, then you immediately know that the last digit of your answer is also 0 or 5. In all other cases, the last digit of the number called out will indicate two possible values for the last digit of the square root. For example, if the last digit is 9, then the square root may end in either 3 or 7.

Which is the greatesr 4 digit square number?

1002 = 10000 which is the smallest possible 5 digit number. So we have to go 1 smaller which is 992 = 9801

Which square of 4 digit number can be used to form the greatest 4 digit number?

Every square of a 4 digit number has more than four digits.