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Sleep with the math book under your pillow. It's the most comfortable way to study math
without doing any work. The same principle also applies to other subjects.

I don't want you to think I'm suggesting that you'll actually learn any math that way, or any
other subject. It's just the easiest way to study without effort, which is what you're asking for.

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How does a person get a better Algebra 1 grade without studying?

To get a better Algebra I grade, you must study somehow. Most people study it the wrong way. They try to practice a bunch of problems that they just do not know how to do. The right way to do it is to ask questions during class and to use the lesson in the book to figure out how to do the problems correctly before you start practicing. It does more harm than it does good to practice doing problems the wrong way. Trying to figure it out with no assistance is a waste of your time if every time you do that, you end up doing twenty or more problems the wrong way. This will result in you needing to unlearn the wrong way and then you will have to practice them again the right way, that is, if you hope to learn. Learn how to do them the right way and then focus your study on the problems that involve the concept that you just learned. Doing a few of these will help to cement the concept to your brain. Then, do one or two more of these the night before the test. This way, you will not be wasting a lot of time.

What were the features of the first computer?

Only doing math problems i would think. it wuz just a box with a bunch of red lights.

Communication is the life blood of every organization explain?

Communication is the life blood of an organization because it is what makes the organization function. Without communication all you have are a bunch of people doing a bunch of unrelated things.

How flexible can you get by doing yoga?

Just practice practice practice and you WILL become flexible.

Is it illegal to not file your marriage license?

You are not legally married without doing so. That could cause problems later on.

What you get for doing everything at the classroom in build a bearville?

You get a bunch of prizes

Can you get the god while you doing hand practice?

No. The only thing you get while doing hand practice is a wet and sticky hand.

What do major league ball players do doing practice time?


How can you be in the Olympics?

You have to be good at what you are doing and practice a lot.

How do you memorize time-table by one day?

The only way to memorize the times table is by doing it over and over until you can do it in under a minute without looking - that's probably going to take you more than a day, but if you get started, you can see how fast you can learn it! Have someone write out a bunch of sample problems and see how fast you can do them.

What happens when you snort Mirtazapine?

it goes up without burning and obviously you dont die or i wouldnt be able to write this message although i wouldnt recommend doing a bunch just word of the wise

Dicuss the ethical problems of doing business around the world?

discuss the ethical problems of doing business around the world

What one can do after doing a course in fashion designing?

I think after doing that ,you must practice more

How do you ollie high while moving?

Practice doing ollies without moving. When you mastered an ollie without moving then just ride a little bit and ollie. Keep on riding longer and olling until you get the hang of it.

How do you practice sports?

You do different drills that help you practice basic skills of what ever sport your doing

What are the benefits of doing your own chemistry homework?

It is very beneficial to do your own chemistry homework because chemistry is a complex science that requires alot of practice to get good at. Try reading the book and doing simpler examples if you have trouble with more difficult problems.

Do you find it unnerving that what doctors do is called 'practice'?

Not really, since the definition of practice is: the action or process of doing or being something

What are some notes on math should a 5th grader take notes on?

Regular practice and doing as many problems as possible are some of the notes on Math that a 5th grader should consider.

Can you put coffee grounds in the garbage disposal?

Yes you can, but I never do. I just put them down the drain. Been doing it for years without any problems.

In what ways do the hindus practice their faith?

by doing yoga

Importance of interpersonal relationship in nursing practice?

without proper relationship between client and nurse, the cares which are giving to the client by the nurse will not be effective and we will not get particular result in doing that.

What does 'practice' mean?

Doing somethng over and over again until it is just how you want it to be.

A sentence with the word practice?

:Our P.E coach told us to practice doing curl ups everyday.

What attitudes are built in students studying mathematics?

You develop an understanding of how numbers work and how they are connected, you appreciate how mathematics connects the universe, and you develop an attitude of "practice makes perfect" from doing all the problems

How can you learn to swim by yourself?

Buy the book Total Immersion, and practice, practice, practice. Notice I did not say swim, swim, swim. You need to practice performing each technique perfectly. Swimming all day without doing it properly will make you a horrible swimmer with a good cardiovascular system. Of course this is all in the presence of a lifeguard, or a swim buddy.