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Change the halves to eights.

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Q: How do you subtract eighths from halves?
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What is five eighths subtract one quarter?

One quarter is two eighths, so five eighths subtract two eighths is three eighths.

What is seven eighths subtract one half?

three eighths

What is one and three-eighths subtract from seven eighths?


How could you use the halves strip to fold eighths?

I dk

What is the greater fraction 1 halves or three eights?

1 half is greater. This is because if you convert one half into eighths it = 4 eighths.

What is 23 seven eighths subtract 3 and a half?


How can I subtract two long numbers N bytes using assembly language or debugger JNZ must be involved?

Actually, you don't need JNZ. You simply subtract the low order halves, and then you subtract with borrow the high order halves. You can carry this to any arbitrary precision.

What is the decimal how to turn tenth sevenths Into a proper fraction?

How to subtract 2 from two eighths

What is seven and two ninths subtract four and five eighths?

I highly recommend google.


It is: 1.375-1.25 = 0.125 or 1/8

What is 8 and 7 twelves subtract 2 and 3 eighths?

If you mean 8 and 7/12 subtract 2 and 3/8 then it is 6 and 5/24

What three fourths minus three eights equal?

3 eighths. three fourths is the same as six eighths, so subtract your 3/8 and you have 3/8 left

What is one and a half subtract five eighths?

(3/2)-(5/8) = 7/8 or 0.875

What is three eighths subtract one half?

3/8 minus 1/2 is -1/8

Why is it necessary to convert two fractions into like fractions before adding and subtracting them?

Because think of like fractions as the same things.. you can subtract halves from halves for example, but what does it mean to take away a half from a third?By converting them into like fractions, we can add or subtract them easily.

What is six halves divided by seven eighths?

6/2 / 7/8 = 3 3/7 or three and three sevenths.

How many one-eighths would equal the sum of 48 one-halves and 36 one-fourths?


What are quotes that Willis Carrier?

"My mother told me to bring up a pan of apples from the cellar. She had me cut them into halves, quarters and eighths and add and subtract the parts. Fractions took on a new meaning and I felt as if no problems would be too hard for me - I'd simply break them down to something simple and they would be easy to solve."

How many halves thirdsor quarters is there?

In any whole thing, there are 2 halves 3 thirds 4 quarters 5 fifths 6 sixths 7 sevenths 8 eighths 9 ninths 10 tenths . . etc.

When subtracting fractions does the bottom have to be the same?

Yes the bottom has to be the same when subtracting fractions. The bottom (or denominator) tells you what you're working with. You cannot subtract thirds from halves just as you cannot subtract oranges from tissues.

What are five names for seven and a half?

fifteen halves seven and one half seven and two fourths seven and three sixths seven and four eighths

What is half of a quarter of a circle called?

A half of a quarter of a circle is 1/8 of a circle. There are four pieces making 1/4. If you split all of them into halves you have eighths.

What is seven eighths minus one half?

three-eighths. 7/8 - 1/2 change one of the fractions so they both have a common denominator. 1/2= 4/8 (multiply by 4) now you have 7/8 - 4/8 subtract, 7-4 = 3 and the answer is 3/8

What are the parts of a pie graph?

1. whole 2. halves 3. quarters 4. eighths 5: sixteenths ( these are from largest to smallest ) In a pie graph, there is an amount, which shows the percentage.

How many eighths are there in three and seven eighths?

how many eighths are in tree and seven eighths