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You have to do KCF (Keep change Flip) Keep the first fraction change the - sign to a + then flip the numbers like 5/9 is now 9/5. =)

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Q: How do you subtract frations?
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Can 26 and 28 be reduced into frations?


What is 356 in frations?

Don't know what frations are. In fractions, 356 could be written as 356/1 or 712/2 etc.

How do you add and subtract frations with a whole number with a fraction?

Express the mixed fraction as an improper fraction and then proceed as you would with ordinary fractions. If the answer is an improper fraction, then remember to convert to a mixed fraction.

What frations are equivalent to 11 14s?


The LCD for the frations 1334532and 89 is?


What is 1 and 2 fifths as an improper frations?


What are 2 frations equivalent to 46?

92/2 and 184/4

What does improper frations mean?

blah blah you people are so DUMB

Where did LCM and HCF came from?

The need for such concepts arises, among other things, from the manipulation of fractions. The least common multiple is commonly used to find a common denominator for different frations; this is required to compare, add, or subtract two (or more) fractions.

How do you change percents to frations?

by putting the number over a hundred or thousand...etc..

What are two frations between 2 and 3?

5/2, 7/3

When dividing frations it is most helpful to change a mixed number into a?

improper fraction

What is two equivalent frations for five fiths?

three thirds, four fourths

Which frations is equivalent 4 7?

The eqivalent fraction of 2/7 is 4/14

What are three frations that areequivalent to two thirds?

4/6 10/15 528/792

What is two equivalent frations for six tenthes?

3/5 9/15 447/745

What is the water part of the earth?

it is the water of the earth ! though if your looking for a frations is 2/3 of the earths surface

What is the least common multiple of the denominator of two or more frations?

That's known as the least common denominator.

Does decrease mean to subtract or to add?


Does decrease mean to add or subtract?


How do you reduce frations?

Make sure that you can divide the top number by the bottom. 2/4 = 4 divided by 2 = 1/2

What is the noun for subtract?

the noun for subtract is subtraction

What part of speech is to subtract?

"To subtract" is a verb.

How do you say subtract in Spanish?

to subtract = subtraer

How do you spell subtract?

Subtract is the correct spelling.