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By making the fractions have a common denominator by appropriately multiplying the numerator also.

9 is divisible by 3, so the logical choice of denominator is 9. One multiplies 3 by 3 to get 9, so times the numerator of the third (1) by 3. This gives us five ninths minus three ninths, giving the answer of two ninths

5/9 - 1/3 = 5/9 - 3/9 = 2/9

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Q: How do you subtract one third from five ninths?
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Is five ninths equivlent to one third?

No. Three ninths is equivalent to one third.

Which equivalent fraction would you use to subtract one third from five ninths?

1/3 = 3/9

What is one third added to two ninths?

five ninths

How much more is five ninths of a cup than one third of a cup?

You can restate "one third" as "three ninths"; then subtracting three ninths from five ninths leaves two ninths: 5/9 - 3/9 = 2/9

What is five ninths times three fifths?

Five ninths times three fifths is one third.

What is one third plus two ninths plus five ninths?

1 1/9th

What is eight ninths divided by five and one-third?


How many thirds are there in five-ninth?

There is one third in five ninths, with a remainder of two ninths. Six ninths would be equal to two thirds.

What is one and one third minus five ninths?


What it is five ninths subtracted by one third?


What fraction of three fifths is one third?

Five ninths.

What is five ninths - one third?


Can one cake be split into portions of one third three ninths and eight fifteenths?

No, after you've cut one-third and three-ninths, which is another third, there are only five-fifteenths left!

How many ninths are equal to one third?

three ninths are equal to one third

What is forty-five and one third divided by four and two ninths equal?

In lowest terms, forty-five and one third divided by four and two ninths equal = 204/19 or 1014/19

Put this in order from largest to smallest one third five elevenths two ninths one eighth?

0.4545 - five elevenths 1 0.3333 - one third 2 0.2222 - two ninths 3 0.125 - one eighth 4

What is five and two ninths minus three and one third?

1 and 8/9

What is one-third plus three-ninths?

One-third plus three-ninths is 2/3.7/9

What is one third minus two ninths?

1 third = 3 ninths, 3 ninths - 2 ninths = 1 ninth.

What is two ninths plus one third?

Four ninths

What is one whole minus four ninths?

One whole is nine ninths. Nine ninths minus four ninths equals five ninths.

What is eight and three fours subtract five and one third?

3 and one sixth

What is six ninths minus one ninth?

five ninths

What fraction lies halfway between one- third and five - ninths?

It is: 4/9

What is one third plus five ninths?

The sum of 1/3 and 5/9 is 8/9.