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1. change the subtract to an add and switch the sign of the second.

2. follow rules for addition.

-same sign is adding and keep the sign

-different sign is subtract and take the sign of the bigger number

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Q: How do you subtracting integers?
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Where are some examples for subtracting integers?

what are some examples of subtracting integers

What is the definition of adding and subtracting integers?

adding and subtracting integers is when you add and minus 2 numbers

What algorithms are there for adding and subtracting integers?

there are no algorithms for subtracting algorithms!!!

What are the steps in subtracting integers?

The subtacting integers is EWAN ko hahahah!!

What is 26-45 subtracting integers?


What is adding and subtracting integers?

Integers are whole numbers, both positive and negative. Therefore, adding and subtracting integers would be adding and subtracting whole numbers. Examples: 8+2 -8+2 8-2 -8-2

Can you reverse the order of the integers when subtracting and still get the same answer?


How is the word inverse applied when subtracting integers?


Is adding integers and subtracting integers are the same?

Let x and y be two integers. x - y = x + (-y)

What is the rules for subtracting integers with like signs?

They become positive integers for instance - - 2 = 2

What does adding and subtracting integers have in common?

I would think that the commonality of adding and subtracting integers is that the answer itself will always be an integer. In other words, the answer is always gonna be a "whole number".

What are the examples of the uses of integers?

adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing

Who made the rules for adding and subtracting integers?

David Missoula's

Rules to subtracting integers?

4/9 - 6/36

Why can't you reverse the order of the integers when subtracting and still get the same answer?


How is adding integers related to subtracting integers?

1+1 = 2 2-1 = 1

What is an example for subtracting integers with the same sign?


Rules in subtracting like and unlike sign?

to subtrct integers ,rewrite as adding opposites and use the rules for addtion of integers..

What is the difference in subtraction integers and subtracting whole numbers?

None, because the set of integers and the set of whole numbers is the same.

Why you add an integer's opposite when you are subtracting integers?

Because that is how the opposite of a number is defined.

How do you determine difference when subtracting two integers that have different signs?

OVER 9000!

What is the meaning of subtracting integers?

to subtract an integer, add its opposite or additive inverse.

How do you add and subbtract positive and negative integers?

When adding negative integers, you subtract. (2+-1=1) When subtracting negative integers, you add. (2--3=5)

Is Subtracting integers communatuve Why?

Well the subtraction of integers is not a comunative because it's not a property it can't be true it's a algebraic equation

What is similar to subtracting two positive integers?

Subtracting two positive fractional numbers, or adding one positive and one negative integer.