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Number: N

Percent: P

Answer: A


You do the P/100 to get a decimal value instead of a %


56 minus 25%


P=25 (twenty five percent)

56 - (0.25 * 56) =

56 - (14) = 42

Fifty six minus twenty five percent is forty two.

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Q: How do you take off PERCENT off a whole number?
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What is 13.28 percent in whole number?

13.28%= 0.1328 in decimal= 0 when round off to whole number

What is 50 percent off of 500?

First, take the percent, (50%) and put it over one hundred, (50/100) that gives you 0.50. Multiply the decimal by the whole number (500). 0.50x500=200

How do you take percent off a number in math?

Two ways: Take the percent of the number and subtract it from the number or multiply the number by 100 minus the percent. Example: 25 percent off 24 dollars. 24 x 0.25 = 6 24 - 6 = 18 or 24 x 0.75 = 18

How do you take 30 percent off a number?

Multipiy that number by 30 and divide by 100

How do you determine 15 percent off?

Take your number and multiply by .85

What is twenty-five percent off?

Take a number and multiply it by .75

How do you take 25 percent off a number?

divide by 4, then multiply your new number by three

How do you take 25 percent off money?

You take the original value times 0.25. That number is 25% of the original, so you take the original number minus that number.

What number did they take off 16 percent to make 0.8?

16% of 5 = 0.8

What is 26 percent off of 51.23?

13.3198 Simplified to nearest tenth: 13.3 Simplified to nearest whole number: 13

How do you take 10 percent off on a calculator?

The quickest way is to multiply the original number by 0.9

How do you change 2 percent to a fraction?

This is how i do it! Take the percent and place it over 100 (100 is supposed to be the denominator!) Then you take the percent sign off of the percent number (2) and simplify to its lowest terms! Then you should have 1/50.