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Q: How do you take the cube of a number on C?
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Why are cube numbes called cube numbers?

Because each of them can be produced if you take a number and multiply itby itself and by itself again.A cube number is the volume of a cube with sides a whole number long.

How many pieces are on a 7x7 Rubik's cube?

When c = the number that is the dimension of the cube (ex. this time, 7), you can find the number of cubes for any size of cube. c3 - (c - 2)3 So for 7, that is 7x7x7 - (5x5x5) 49x7 - 25x5 343 - 125 218 There are 218 cubies in a 7x7x7 Rubik's cube!

When was C-Cube created?

C-Cube was created in 1988.

Can you cube an irrational number to form a rational number?

sure , take cube root of 3, that is irrational, but when you cube it you have 3 which is clearly rational! Doctor Chuck aka mathdoc

How long does it take a ice cube to melt in water?

The time it takes for an ice cube to melt in water depends on factors such as the temperature of the water, the size of the ice cube, and the number of ice cubes. On average, a small ice cube will melt in a few minutes in room temperature water.

Write a c program to accept a numbers and generate square root cube and exponential values?

write a c program to accept a number and generate a square root cube and exponential values

If you have the volume of a cube how do you calculate the dimensions?

Take the cube root of that number. For example, volume is 8 square inches and the cube root of 8 is 2. In case you forgot, if N is the Cube root of a number M then NxNXN=M

What is the cube root of -54?

-54 is not a perfect cube; thus, the answer contains cube roots. Because this site doesn't allow us to insert images in answers, we'll let C(x) represent "the cube root of X" such that C(8) = 2, etc. The answer, then, is 3 * C(-2).

When is a number cubed?

To cube a number is to multiply 3 of that number together, for example, 2 cubed is 2 x 2 x 2 (which equals 8). This metaphor results from the way in which the volume of a cube is calculated. If you take the length of an edge of a cube, and multiply 3 of that number together (as described above) you get the volume of the cube.

What is the cube root of c if c equals 64?

The cube root is 4.

How do you change liter into meter cube?

You can just take the number of liters and divide by 1000.E.G: 60L=0.06 Meter Cube.

Is 42 a cube number?

42 is not a cube number.