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The answer depends on the problem and the way in which it is presented. Without that information it is not possible to answer the question.

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Q: How do you tell if my problem is a function easy?
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How do you change a non equivalent problem to an equivalent problem?

that is very easy you can call me and ill tell you(: im a girl dont worry<3

What is hyperdynamic function of the left ventricle?

It is very important to assess the function of the left ventricle. Using a sonogram, it is often easy to tell if there is hyperdynamic function in the left ventricle which often leads to heart failure.

How do you tell someone they are immature?

Answer There's no easy way to tell someone they are immature, except to come right out and say it to their face. They may not like it, but that's not your problem.

Do you tell your son his girlfriend is cheating?

It would be the best to tell him... It would be more worse when he sees his girlfriend doing something with another guy... You should handle the problem easy, and explain him it on an easy way. Ask him to talk with the girlfriend about it and handle it from there on.

How do you tell a friends parent that their child has a drug abuse problem?

First of all I'm very happy you chose to tell them. It's not easy to be in the middle. You're doing the right thing. Try to catch them when they are at work or he/she is not home. Tell them what you have seen and that you are really worried. There is no easy way to tell it and you have to be right on and not talk around it. You don't have to tell both parents at once but tell one and they can tell the other.

What if you are depressed and you tell someone but they dont really care what do you do?

If they care or not it won't change a thing. It is a problem you need to solve yourself. It isn't easy.

When is a relation considered to be function?

A relation is a function when an x value only has one y value associated with it. An easy way to tell this is to graph the relation, then draw a vertical line through it. If, at any point, it touches the graph twice, the relation isn't a function.

Is crankshaft sensor position malfunction a serious problem?

The only function of the crankshaft position sensor is to tell you you have a miss fire ( a spark plug did not fire))

How can you tell if a number is a function?

A number is not a function.

How do you read diagnostic codes Chevy Suburban?

Reading diagnostic codes is easy. The driver plugs the reader/scanner into the diagnostic port of the vehicle, and the scanner/reader will give a code if there is a problem, and tell them the type of problem.

Is it easy to tell if someone adds Blueberrybubblegum etc. flavorings to the pot. is it easy to tell if its added?

if you the ntrition information it is pretty easy and also by the easy smelling

What you are to do when your husband gets on your nerves?

Umm...have him sleep on the couch? From a guy's perspective- just tell him what he is doing or is being is annoying. Most likely will bruise his ego, but will solve the problem. We as guys are easy. Just tell us