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Multiplication is repeated addition.

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Q: How do you to teach multiplication?
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How do you teach division-multiplication?

go to school and you'll see,when you grow up

What is the best way to teach multiplication to a child?

Some of the best ways to teach children the use of flash cards, worksheets or using a multiplication table. If you want to make it more fun for them using online games is a great resource and there are songs that help children with multiplication as well by visiting school house rock.

How can I help my child learn his multiplication facts?

Try This! It has some great tips and advice to help you AND your child! Hope it works!

Which site is best for multiplication facts and details? offers to teach you multiplication by playing some math games and testing your skills. The games help improve your ability to do multiplication in your head, and then you can test your skills and see how much better you're getting. The games provide a fun way to learn multiplication skills.

What has the author P D Chapman written?

P. D. Chapman has written: 'Teach your child tables' -- subject(s): Multiplication, Study and teaching

Multiplication without using multiplication or addition or subtraction or division?

You can reduce multiplication to repeated additions. You could also replace the resulting additions by repeated incrementing. For example, to calculate 20 + 13, continue counting 13 numbers from 20. But that would be extremely boring and inefficient. Better if you just learn to do it the way they teach in school.

What is the multiplication of multiplication?

Answer: multiplikasyon

What do you call the answer in multiplication?

The answer in multiplication is the product.

Who made multiplication?

who discover multiplication

What is the opposite of division?


Is area adding or multiplication?


What is the answer of multiplication?

The answer of the multiplication is called "Product"