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0.5*x2 + 12

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Q: How do you translate twelve more than one-half of the square of the input into an algebraic expression?
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How do you convert algebraic expression into qbasic expression?

how can we convert algebraic expression into QBASIC a square + b square i = pTR/100 2xy mx+c a=r square a+b

What is the square root of Paris?

Paris is not a numerical value of algebraic expression and so does not have a square root.

What is the algebraic expression of square of a quotient of a number and seven?


What is five x square plus 9 divided by x-6?


How do you write an algebraic expression four times the sum of a number and its square?


What is the algebraic expression for seven less than the product of nine and the square of a number b?


What is the algebraic expression for the sum of three times a number and -2 is the same as sixteen?

One more than the square of x

What is the square root of Scotland?

A square root is a mathematical function whose argument must be a number - or an expression that can be evaluated so as to give a number. Since Scotland is neither a number nor an algebraic expression, the question makes no sense.

Translate the verbal phrase into an expression 3 less than the square of a number p?


What is the algebraic expression for six less than three times the square of y?


What is algebraic expression for x multiplied by x?

Ans: x2 , which is x square or x to the power of 2:) Hope I helped

Use your virtual Algebra tiles. Make a square using one or more of each of the following types of tiles.x2-tilex-tile1-tileDescribe the area of your square using an algebraic expression?


What is the algebraic expression for three times the square of m plus the sum of m squared and four times m?

Ya mums fat cow

How do you solve the square root 5-3x plus 3?

The question contains an algebraic expression but not an equality nor inequality. There is, therefore, nothing that can be solved.

How do you translate this phrase into variable expression the total of nine times the cube of m and the square of m?


What is the algebraic expression for the square of the sum of two numbers equals the sum of their squares plus twice their product?

Equation, not expression. A and B are two numbers. (A + B)2 = A2 + B2 + 2(AB) ----------------------------------

What is the rational algebraic expressions?

A rational expression is an expression that includes only additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions. Some of the things that will make an expression irrational (not rational) are square roots, higher-level roots, non-integer powers, exponentials (powers in which the variable expression occurs in the exponent), and common functions such as logarithms or trigonometric functions.

What algebraic expression shows the square of the distance from point A to point B minus 81?

(B - A)2 - 81 or (B - A + 9)(B - A - 9) If the starting point, A, is taken as zero the the expression simplifies to (B + 9)(B - 9)

How do you write an algebraic expression for the area of a rectangle with length meters and width 8 meters?

Having the length x meters and width 8 meters, then the area is 8x square meters.

The square of the first term of a binomial minus twice the product of the two terms plus the square of the last term is known as which formula?

Given the algebraic expression (3m - 2)2, use the square of a difference formula to determine the middle term of its product.

Is the algebraic expression l 10 l a square root of 100?

Actually, (+/-) 10 would be better because all that comes out of the absolute value is 10 and squaring - 10 gives you 100.

The number or expression inside a radical symbol?

The term radicand means the number or expression inside the radical symbol. For example, when we have the square root of 2, the 2 is inside the radical symbol. It is the radicand. The radicand may be a number or an algebraic expression. Also, there is not limit to the number of terms the radicand may contain. It may even be infinite!

What is x square - y square?

You can only get a specific number for an expression if you assign numbers to the variables. As an expression, the existing expression cannot be simplified.

What is the square root of 2x squared?

If you take the square root of any number (or expression) and then square the result again, you will usually obtain the same number (or expression) again. Or more precisely, its absolute value. That is, sometimes you can make the simplifying assumption that you get the same expression, but to be on the safe side, you must consider the possibility that the original expression is negative, in which case the square of the square root is the absolute value of the original expression.

What does Pi is transcentental mean in mathematics?

It means it is not an algebraic number. Algebraic numbers include square roots, cubic roots, etc., but more generally, algebraic numbers are solutions of polynomial equations.