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-- Subtract 8,799 from it, or

-- Divide it by 100 and then add 0.12 to the quotient, or

-- Add 12 to it and then multiply the sum by 0.01, or

-- Add -8,887.98 to it and then multiply the sum by 4,450 .

And there are several more ways to do it.

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How do you write 6.89 as a mixed number?

It is: 6 and 89/100 as a mixed number

What makes 89 in a math problem?

Here are a couple possible math problems that have 89 as a result: 100 - 11 = 89 44 + 45 = 89

How do you turn 89 percent into a fraction?

89 over 100

How many neutrons are in Actinium-89?

There are 138 neutrons in actinium 89. Thank you for using WikiAnswers:)

How do you turn 89 percent and into a fraction please show me a example?

89% means that you divide a "whole thing" into 100 equal parts and take 89 parts which is the same as the fraction 89/100

What is theDifference between ti 89 calculator and ti 89 titanium?

The Titanium version of the TI-89 is a better version of the generic TI-89. It boasts more RAM, a more robust math function library, and a mini-USB port.

Mpg in a micra?

I generally get about 11km/L in my 89 Micra. Do the math yourself to figure out mpg.

How many weeks are in 89 days?

well if there is 7 days in a week....why can't you do it with some basic math?

What is 89 percent of 48.95?

43.5655 that's ur answer and why ask a math problem especially if its homework pwease

What is the range of these numbers 11 14 17 89?

you take the lowest number in this case 11 and subtract it from the highest number in this case 89 and the answer is 78 good luck on your math homework

How do you get 89 island on Pokemon LeafGreen?

By using cheat code.

What is 89 multiplied by 11?

979 - without using a calculator !

How do you do the split strategy in math?

Easy. for example, 89 + 12 becomes 80 + 10 + 9 + 2. That becomes 90 + 11. So 89 + 12 = 101. Sounds good, right?

Make 89 by using add subtract divide or multiply using the numbers 1 2 3 4 5 or using the powers to or brackets?

1+2+34+5 = 3 + 81 + 5 = 84 + 5 = 89 ■

What is the square root of 356?

Go 89 units of distance in any fixed direction. Turn 90 degrees and go 89 units of distance. Turn 90 degrees in the same "wise" (clockwise or anticlockwise as before) and go 89 units of distance. Turn 90 degrees in the same "wise" (clock or anticlock) and go 89 units of distance.You will have returned to your starting point and you will have travelled along a square route whose distance was 356 units of length.

How many times will 68 go in to 1431 division math?

It goes: 1431/16 = 89 times with a remainder of 7

How do you put in the radio code for a 1990 Jaguar XJS?

newtest3I have an 89 xjs, I'n sure it's the same. Turn on the ignition or start the car. Turn on the radio and enter the code using the station selection buttons on the radio. You will have to reset any stations that were preset previously.

What is the camshaft rotation When installing a new timing belt on a 89 pathfinder?

When you turn the engine over with the starter, which way does it turn? That is the direction it rotates.

What does a period mean in math class?

For the United States: The period, or decimal as it's called in math, means the number is less than a whole number. Examples: 3.45 means 3 pizzas and 45% of a pizza. $199.89 means 199 dollars and 89% of a dollar (89 cents). In some European countries, the decimal is used as a comma and the comma as a decimal, but just focus on what it means in your math class.

How do you solve a math problem?

What kind of math problem. If it is an addition (for example 89+4=53), if it is a subtraction problem (for example 89-4=85), a word problem of multiplication (I have 4 times as many toys then Adam. Adam has 5 toys. How many toys do I have? 20 toys.) That is from 4th or 3rd grade an down.

What is the prime factorization using exponent of 356?

22 x 89 = 356

What do the numbers 88 89 90 91 in club soccer names ex 89 Girls mean?

These numbers represent the age group of these girls.... using your example, 89 girls means that a girl BORN in 1989 plays soccer in the 89 girls team!!!

In what year was James Bond born?

james bond was 89 when he died in the year 1989 doing the math he was born in the year 1900

What is the supplement of a 91 degree angle?

i have no idea. im doing y math homework righ t now. this is what its on Supplementary angle = 180 - the angle So supplementary to 91 = 180 - 91 = 89 degrees.

How many feet are in 89 inches?

There are: 89/12 = 7 feet and 5 inches or 7 and 1/3 feet or 7.417 feet in 89 inches. Here is the math: 12 inches = 1 foott 12*7=84 89-84=5 in Convert inches into feet: 84/12=7 Result: 7 ft 5 in.