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With regard to geometry, divide by 360.

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Q: How do you turn degrees into fractions?
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Explain how the factors can be used to work out what fraction of a full turn is 40 degrees?

explain how the fractions can be used to work out what frction of a full turn iss 40 degrees

How do your turn rations into fractions?

you turn the " : " into "/"

What is 100 degrees converted into fractions in its simplest form?

It is 100/1 degrees.

How do you turn improper fractions to proper fractions?

you cant turn improper fractions into fractions but you can turn fractions into mixed numbers. to do this you see how many times the denominator goes into the numerator. for example: if your improper fraction is 7/5, 5 goes into 7 one time but there is two left over. you just put that two on top of your denominator and it turns out 1 and 2/5.

What is a measurement of angles?

Angles are measured by degrees. Fractions of degrees are measured in minutes and seconds.

What are points between degrees?

Degrees in angles: minutes Degrees in temperature: fractions of degrees - depends on how many sub-divisions.

What is the banking degrees on the pocono raceway?

14 degrees in Turn One, 9 degrees in Turn Two, six degrees in Turn Three.

How do you turn decimals into fraction?

how to turn fractions into decimals

How is a degree of longitude or latitude further subdivded?

Degrees of longitude or latitude can be further subdivided just like any other angle:According to the resolution chosen,They can be expressed:in degrees and decimal fractions of degrees,in degrees, minutes, and decimal fractions of minutes,Or in degrees, minutes, seconds, and decimal fractions of seconds.

How do you turn an improper fraction into a normal fraction?

Improper fractions can't become proper fractions.

How many degrees are there in a 1 quarter turn?

1 turn = 360 degrees1/2 turn = 180 degrees1/3 turn = 120 degrees1/4 turn = 90 degrees1/5 turn = 72 degrees1/6 turn = 60 degrees1/8 turn = 45 degrees1/9 turn = 40 degrees1/10 turn = 36 degrees1/12 turn = 30 degrees

If a double turn is 720 degrees how many degrees is a triple turn?

1080 degrees.

Can a snake turn their heads 360 degrees?

No, only the praying mantis can turn its head 360 degrees. The dingo can turn its head almost 360 degrees but the owl can only turn 270 degrees.

Why do you have to turn unlike fractions into like fractions to add or subtract?

because its just one of the rules of math :)

How many degres in half a turn?

Quarter turn is 90 degrees. Half a turn is 180 degrees. Three-quarter turn is 270 degrees. Full turn is 360 degrees.

What fraction of a turn is 270 degrees?

Since a full turn is 360 degrees, 270 degrees is 270/360 of a full turn.

Can you turn fractions to whole numbers?


When you add fractions does it turn out to be improper?


How do you turn decimals into ratios?

Convert them to fractions.

Who'slines are measured in degrees latitude or longittude?

Latitude and longitude are angles. They're both measured in degrees and fractions of degrees.

What fractions of a complete turn does the minute hand turn between 230 AM and 245 AM?

A quarter.

How many degrees are there in a full turn?

In full turn,there are 360 degrees.

How do you turn fractions in to decimals?

Divide the denominator into the numerator.

how to turn fractions into decimal?

Divide the denominator into the numerator.

How do you times mixed numbers?

turn them into improper fractions